Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Advertisements as a viewer

Back in the '80s, I remember watching the Hindi & English news, news for hearing impaired at Doordarshan, boring Indian men chitchatting in Hindi (god knows what they were talking about), only to see a minute or two long advertisements. How things has changed. Now it seems that you are waiting for a minute or two of a serial/movie between the ads.

I know I don't have the knack for creating an ads, however I think I do have the rights to have my own opinion; Rights to Freedom of Speech, remember? :) . Now, back to the point.

The ads that's spamming us the most on TV these days is the Park Avenue Beer Shampoo. I am not going to talk about the product or the meaning of the ads but the ads alone.

If you watch this ads, you will be able see that they are trying to show that this is a hilarious ads, judging by the way the model talk with the seems to be in "thoughtlessness" expression in his eyes to look funny. However, talking and looking stupid is never funny, except may be for some mainstream Indians. And, men with straightened hair is never sexy.

The Vodafone ads for Moms - Really annoying yet you can't help laughing at this ads. This ads clearly show how the Indian Moms are obsessed with their son(s). After watching this and knowing the Indian moms, I guess you can't argue with the joke -

An Indian male will have 1 wife, 1 mistress, 1 girlfriend, 1 neighbour's wife but will still love his Mummy the most

Uggh! How I hate the Cadbury's Silk ads. We are aware that the inside is not solid but an adult and grown up teens making a mess while eating it? This is so uncool and dirty. It angers me to watch them and yes, I avoid buying the Cadbury's Silk. Yewww

This is Slice ads, a simple, harmless mango juice. I don't know why the model seems to be "lusting" for it. C'mon, children are drinking it and you don't have to show as if you are about to have orgasm.

Maaza used to my favorite long time back :) and I still love it. Why have I included this? It's because the model never take a sip from the bottle. Being an actress, she is acting as if she is enjoying it while not a single drop goes into her mouth. This is just so annoying.

Is the product so bad that the person who endorse the product, I believe with a lump some amount, won't take a single sip? Oh, her acting is not great here

Friday, July 12, 2013

Plum picking in Manali

Place: Shuru, Manali
Date: 3rd July, 2013

First of all, never wear a frock to plum picking. Secondly, I realized that I am more of a country girl than a city girl.

It was after food when I met bhaiya who asked me if I want to go for plum picking with the rest of the guys. To ensure that I agree to go, he told me that his wife, bhabhi, will also be going along. Then I went to wear my shoes and climbed up the hill, with Vikram leading the way.

The last time I went for hill climbing was most probably with Jerusha, when we went to Manali in 2011. I was huffing and puffing all the way. I was quite positive that we were lost and when I made this remark, one of the guys said "no, not yet".

Then after sometime, which seems like an hour to me, we finally reached our destination.

There were around 8-to 10 plum trees and went crazy after seeing them hehe

Yes, I was busy plucking as well as eating the juicy once. I ate as much as I could, for which I paid the price later, but totally worth it.

 This is Vikram, the guide who got lost..lol

This is bhabhi...very nice and cheerful woman, who kept on laughing at me as I was busy eating and plucking  them at the same time

The plums were very very juicy...gosh, makes my mouth water just thinking about it
Would you believe this when I say that I was able to collect this much from only one area?

The going back was not as tough as I imagined it to be as there was a very easy way..with proper road. Yes,  I confirm that we were lost on our way to the plum trees...lol

The plums were distributed among the children of Dar-Ul_Fazal . When some of the children came to learn that I too went to pick the plums, they thanked me. It felt so good to see them enjoying the fruit so much.

I must mention that the farm where we went to pick plums belongs to the neighbor of Dar-Ul-Fazal Children's Home, who willingly let us take as much as we like, for the children. Thanks to the family.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Happy 68th birthday, Mom

Honestly, I do not know the exact date of my Mom's birthday but thanks to my sis, I came to learn that it is today, 10th June. Anyway months' back, I've vowed to make a post on her birthday. I've been really missing my Mom these days.

The other day I was thinking of those rainy days back in Aizawl, that was filled with thunders and lightnings. I used to be so afraid that I always find it hard to sleep with all the lights and the rumblings.

I'd cover myself with a blanket trying hard not to hear the thunder or feel the lightning but to no avail. So after tossing and turning, I'd finally go to Mom's room and sleep next to her. That was when I finally feel safe and could fall asleep.

I know that the thunder nor the lighting stopped after sleeping next to my her but I always feel safe and protected with her. In education wise, she may not be the one that excel but she gave and gives me what I needed the most- love and security. My Mom is great and I am proud to have her as my Mother. I thank God once again for giving me YOU.

Happy Birthday again. I love you.

This photo is a bit old but I love looking at it. This is my Mom with my niece.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Delhi Comic Con 2013

Venue: Dilli Haat
Date: 9th Feb 2013 (8 to 11 th Feb 2013)

When I suggest to Zorini that we go to the Comic Con, her first reaction was "Stop watching Big Bang Theory". Then she, of course, agree to it.

I honestly did not know that there used to be a Comic Con in Delhi, and this was the third time. I was really excited. Since I worked at night, I had to skip my beauty sleep to attend the convention. Had coffee with beef, then left for the venue.

When we reached the and book the ticket, we were first greeted by our very own Indian Spider Man (minus his dhoti :D).

Before we visted the stalls, we first stopped at the never to missed "Naga food stall". After having our fill, we visited stall to stall, meeting super heroes to another super heroes.

I met and took a snap with Jazyl Homavazir, creator of The Beast Legion, who sweetly suggested that I visit his Facebook page.

When I showed this picture to Lakuri, she said "Of all the people, why did you take picture with him?". Then I gave my explanation, then she said "(he is) so nerdy". I've also bought his comics (vol 1-8) for 250 INR. the comics says for ages 13+, and I am a 13+ hehehe.

This is Jason Quinn from Campfire Graphic Novels, the author of Steve Jobs 

Then, we have our own version of Wonder Woman (a Wolver Nana and Super Mama)...

Rorschach, who coolly posed for my camera

I believe this is Doctor Manhattan and of course Wolverine (sorry, my cameraman did not do a good job capturing the full hand :P)

Prince of Persia with Bat Girl

One of the favs in my Facebook album, Jack Sparrow in orange..lolzzz...I hve to say the head gear is good but why a shiny orange???

A healthy Nightcrawler


An Indian super hero?

Azazel, Angel and Storm

Princess Mononoke, the Wolf Pricess from Japanese anime. I did knot know who she was when I first saw her. So I thought "some people treat this as a costume/fancy dress rehearsal and came with whatever is available". Then I remember my list animes then it dawned on me that it was her.

Cat Woman and Snow White

From Star Wars

The Sorceress of the Gray Skull (He Man)

When I saw her, I thought she was Avatar Kyoshi but I think I am wrong

Yes, I was completely wrong. As corrected by blackestred Padme Amidala from Star Wars

Super Saiyan. When I looked at this picture in my PC, my first thought was "Gosh, is this Kima?" If its not him, then its got to be at least his long lost brother :)

Scorpion and Subzero. My cuz Jerusha commented "They both look great but for their arms. They have such a great costume but their biceps let them down". hahaha...so if you guys happen to land on this blog, make sure that you hit the gym and work on those biceps for the next comic con.

I was and still am a great fan of Phanton, the Ghost who walks. However, this old edition was priced at 55 INR. It was a bit too high for me :(

Spider Man seems very tired in the evening...hehehe

and last but not the least, with my very dearest friend Zorini, the worst photographer I've known :D

hey blackested, thanks once again for your input :)