Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Advertisements as a viewer

Back in the '80s, I remember watching the Hindi & English news, news for hearing impaired at Doordarshan, boring Indian men chitchatting in Hindi (god knows what they were talking about), only to see a minute or two long advertisements. How things has changed. Now it seems that you are waiting for a minute or two of a serial/movie between the ads.

I know I don't have the knack for creating an ads, however I think I do have the rights to have my own opinion; Rights to Freedom of Speech, remember? :) . Now, back to the point.

The ads that's spamming us the most on TV these days is the Park Avenue Beer Shampoo. I am not going to talk about the product or the meaning of the ads but the ads alone.

If you watch this ads, you will be able see that they are trying to show that this is a hilarious ads, judging by the way the model talk with the seems to be in "thoughtlessness" expression in his eyes to look funny. However, talking and looking stupid is never funny, except may be for some mainstream Indians. And, men with straightened hair is never sexy.

The Vodafone ads for Moms - Really annoying yet you can't help laughing at this ads. This ads clearly show how the Indian Moms are obsessed with their son(s). After watching this and knowing the Indian moms, I guess you can't argue with the joke -

An Indian male will have 1 wife, 1 mistress, 1 girlfriend, 1 neighbour's wife but will still love his Mummy the most

Uggh! How I hate the Cadbury's Silk ads. We are aware that the inside is not solid but an adult and grown up teens making a mess while eating it? This is so uncool and dirty. It angers me to watch them and yes, I avoid buying the Cadbury's Silk. Yewww

This is Slice ads, a simple, harmless mango juice. I don't know why the model seems to be "lusting" for it. C'mon, children are drinking it and you don't have to show as if you are about to have orgasm.

Maaza used to my favorite long time back :) and I still love it. Why have I included this? It's because the model never take a sip from the bottle. Being an actress, she is acting as if she is enjoying it while not a single drop goes into her mouth. This is just so annoying.

Is the product so bad that the person who endorse the product, I believe with a lump some amount, won't take a single sip? Oh, her acting is not great here

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