Sunday, February 10, 2013

Delhi Comic Con 2013

Venue: Dilli Haat
Date: 9th Feb 2013 (8 to 11 th Feb 2013)

When I suggest to Zorini that we go to the Comic Con, her first reaction was "Stop watching Big Bang Theory". Then she, of course, agree to it.

I honestly did not know that there used to be a Comic Con in Delhi, and this was the third time. I was really excited. Since I worked at night, I had to skip my beauty sleep to attend the convention. Had coffee with beef, then left for the venue.

When we reached the and book the ticket, we were first greeted by our very own Indian Spider Man (minus his dhoti :D).

Before we visted the stalls, we first stopped at the never to missed "Naga food stall". After having our fill, we visited stall to stall, meeting super heroes to another super heroes.

I met and took a snap with Jazyl Homavazir, creator of The Beast Legion, who sweetly suggested that I visit his Facebook page.

When I showed this picture to Lakuri, she said "Of all the people, why did you take picture with him?". Then I gave my explanation, then she said "(he is) so nerdy". I've also bought his comics (vol 1-8) for 250 INR. the comics says for ages 13+, and I am a 13+ hehehe.

This is Jason Quinn from Campfire Graphic Novels, the author of Steve Jobs 

Then, we have our own version of Wonder Woman (a Wolver Nana and Super Mama)...

Rorschach, who coolly posed for my camera

I believe this is Doctor Manhattan and of course Wolverine (sorry, my cameraman did not do a good job capturing the full hand :P)

Prince of Persia with Bat Girl

One of the favs in my Facebook album, Jack Sparrow in orange..lolzzz...I hve to say the head gear is good but why a shiny orange???

A healthy Nightcrawler


An Indian super hero?

Azazel, Angel and Storm

Princess Mononoke, the Wolf Pricess from Japanese anime. I did knot know who she was when I first saw her. So I thought "some people treat this as a costume/fancy dress rehearsal and came with whatever is available". Then I remember my list animes then it dawned on me that it was her.

Cat Woman and Snow White

From Star Wars

The Sorceress of the Gray Skull (He Man)

When I saw her, I thought she was Avatar Kyoshi but I think I am wrong

Yes, I was completely wrong. As corrected by blackestred Padme Amidala from Star Wars

Super Saiyan. When I looked at this picture in my PC, my first thought was "Gosh, is this Kima?" If its not him, then its got to be at least his long lost brother :)

Scorpion and Subzero. My cuz Jerusha commented "They both look great but for their arms. They have such a great costume but their biceps let them down". if you guys happen to land on this blog, make sure that you hit the gym and work on those biceps for the next comic con.

I was and still am a great fan of Phanton, the Ghost who walks. However, this old edition was priced at 55 INR. It was a bit too high for me :(

Spider Man seems very tired in the evening...hehehe

and last but not the least, with my very dearest friend Zorini, the worst photographer I've known :D

hey blackested, thanks once again for your input :) 


Mizohican said...

I'm trying to picture you wearing a skimpy wonderwoman costume... huhuhuuu :D :P

blackestred said...

Seems like a great event, another missed! Oh well!
Anyway, the Geek-Nazi in me couldn't stand these awesome characters NOT having a recognition they deserve, so here's me helping you out with the ones I could put a name to:
7th Pic: Rorschach from Watchmen or most likely Hollowman
9th Pic: The Prince of Persia
13th Pic: Looks like the sword from Skyrim
22nd Pic: Padmé Amidala from Star Wars!

Almostunreal said...

@Mizohican: yeah, i am sure you did

@balckested: let me make some ammendment. btw, grt blog

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