Thursday, August 28, 2008

Have Noodles - The Mizo way!!

I have been craving for the Mizo Noodles for a very long time. The only thing that stops us from preparing one is because of the type or quality of the noodles you find out here. Then one day we finally got a package of chow/noodles from Aizawl :).

Here is how we prepared and things needed:
1. Chow/Noodles (preferably from Mizoram :P)
2. Pork
3. Onion, garlic, ginger, dahnia
4. Chillies
How to prepare :D
1. Boil the pork for 2/3 minutes so as to make the cutting easier.
2. Cut the pork into pieces (size as per your desire but should not be big piece)
3. Grind the garlic and ginger
4. Cut the onions
5. Now, fry the pork and add water.
6. Meanwhile, boil the chow/noodles and let it cooled
7. Add the dried clillies with onion
Once the pork is cooked, take a bowl, put the noodles and pork with soup togather...and enjoy!!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

A new dance routine???

What do men usually talked about when they sat or stand together? In thought that the disussion would always end up with hot girls, sex, bike, cars. But these 3 guys standing together on thebalcony proved me wrong. Though I never found out what they were doing but it looks like they are working on a new dance routine :P.

Step 1: Guy 1 point towards the sky while Guy 2 observed it carefully while Guy 3 looked away

Step2: Guy 2 now got the steps and joined Guy 1. I guess the step would be like..left arm up, right arm up..and so on..and Guy 3 is still lost so just laughed away (but secretly observing the routine)

Step 3: Guy 3 finally got the hang of the it and joined Guy 1 and 2

The routine is a bit too tough for me :D

Friday, August 01, 2008

Need number :)

After 3 longs years of service without any problem, it seems that my Nokia 6060 decided to retire L. The other day I went out and it was drizzling that day. Then later I found the comics, money including my cell were wet. I took them out and dried them. But my cell never retrieve to life again L. So all my contacts are gone and I am at lost.
Before I changed my SIM, some numbers were stored there but I now noticed that I have not saved any number in my not-so-but new SIM.
So, I would request you all to forward me your number once again J. Thanks!