Friday, March 31, 2006

For my father

Today is my father's 5th death anniversary. There is nothing that I can do except miss him, love him and keep the momories in my heart. The least thing that I can do now is add this post especially for him. So, this is dedicated to my late father.

I remeber the time when my father came home from his office and knowing that I am love chocolate, he'd bring home chocolates to which my mother always complaint but never stoped him, lol, always manage to bring smile to my face. Of course, there were times when I am mad at him, too lol.....but that's life.

Something strange happened to my father a week before we got the dreadful news. A week before, my father used to say, "A paticular Bible verse keeps on running in my mind". Hearing this, my other family members fest a bit uneasy and they were proved right because, after that week, we took our father to a doctor and after 2 the doctor gave us the sad news.

My father was taken immediately to Guwahati where he went through a radiotherapy, but that therapy was a bit too strong that we could take it only upto 10 and my uncle (my father's only brother) and my cousin brother kahd to helped him to lye down at the end to have that therapy. I remember that I hated anyone who'd say 'There is no hope', I secretly used to curse them and hated them but they were just bing realistic.

I am proud to say that my father won the "Book of the Year" award for his book 'Chawngmawii leh Hrangchhuana', a Mizo folk tale or shall I say the story behind Mercury and Venus. Currently, his book for Medicinal Plants is in the top 20...I d0n't know if he's going to win this too but its good enough to know that it is in the top 20 category. He worked so hard for these 2 books.

One of the most important thing that my father taught us was that "Everyone has a good side, always look at the good side of another person. " Then he's take Osama as an example, how his followers are so fatihful to him and that he could be a very loving father for his family. Sometimes, we complain about his drivers, staff etc but he'd always reminded us how fatihful he/she is..etc, he could never see the negative side af any person. That makes him a very woderful father.

The Bible verse that kept on running inside my father's mind:

Don't be afraid of the things which you are about to suffer. Behold, the devil is about to throw some of you into prison, that you may be tested; and you will have oppression for ten days. Be faithful to death, and I will give you the crown of life.

(Revelation 2:10)

Monday, March 27, 2006

Manic Monday

As the song goes -

5:30 already I was just not willing to get off my bed
Though I wasn't kissin' Valentino by a crystal blue Italian stream

I knew I had to get up within a few minutes
Cos I can't be late or else I'll miss my cab , ** sigh**

These are the days when you wish your bed was already made.
It's just another manic Monday
I wish it was Sunday
'Cause that's my Funday
I don't have to runday
It's just another manic Monday

Saturday, March 25, 2006


The first moment that I come across this picture, I remember the time
when we used to do almost the same thing as a kid. I remember, we used to be in Kolasib, name of the locality is 'Forest veins' where there are still forest nearby to roam around. We used to roam around a lot, full of greens, trees, fresh air, variety of insects..Everything was so exciting. So, we'd used to be in g roups and whenever we come across any of thick gree bushes, we'd just jump over it, not having second though what could happen to us, what kind of sharp twigs, thorns etc is behind those bushes, we'd simply enjoy the thickness and the softness of the bush and that always made our days. I used to think how simple and yet so full of laughter life was in those days.

Everything was wonderful, life was simple, so when you come across something like a different kind of bread, then we all were very very excited about it. In fact, everything was exciting. Sometimes you fight with a friend then make up within a minute or two. I really miss the life in Forest Veng, Kolasib, all the laughter and the love we've shared among our small locality.

When Christmas comes, our community simply celebrate the Christmas together, whatever religion you may belong, you just share the love there. If I could turn back time, I woud surely turn back life to those days.


Saturday is finally here.....I am so relieve now, not that I am going out, lol, the only point is that I could go to bed, no setting of an annoying alarm clock, could sleep whenever I want because it is the only night that I know that I won't have to get up early the next day. For the rest of the week, I have to force myself to get up early in the morning and I dread getting up early in the morning. I wasn't born to be an early riser, ha ha ha, I am not meant to be an early bird :D.

OK, just imagine, I reached home at around 6:30 in the evening (whn I don't work overtime, ie), I had tea, watch TV, took bath and then go to bed, which is always around 10 at night, and then lye awake, concentrate hard to fall asleep took me almost an hour or more then finally dozzed off...then I am awaken by the irritating sound of my alarm. So, on Saturday night, I can go to bed peacefully, no worries, thus tonight I'll hum the this song-

Oo, ka di par chhing chheng te
Nem ten min fawp rawh ka ngumah

Nem ten min fawp rawh ka dulah...

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Can you bear with this?

Can you bear with this. These are the songs that I listened 6 days a week, several times a day, whether I like it or not -

1. Escape (Enrique) ....I just dont get how special this song is, to be listened to it everyday for several times (the good part of this song is that it reminded me of my cousin in Hyd, ha ha)
2. Kaala chasma (this too reminded me of her as she loves both the songs very very much)
3. A song from Rang de Basanti, which goes like this...lose control, one more time (..I think :D)
4. Last Christmas (Wham)
5. What is love? (Haddaway)
6. It's my life
7. Come Undone
8. Let the music played...goes on like oohh aahh let the music played
9. Right here right now (not the Fatboy Slim's but Bluffmaster's)

etc etc

Tell me, could you bear with this? 6 days a week several times a day

Friday, March 17, 2006

Do hair have thoughts of their own?

Well, this question popped into my head when I looked at my hair the other day :)..Reason is that I've colored my so often that even my colleagues, who see me everyday, doesn't know the natural color of my hair, ie black. They've often asked me if I was born a natural red/brown haired and I usually laughed it off, thinking that it was a stupid question but may be they weren't really aware of it. I remember, once we played a game, an edited version of a musical chair, lol; the rule of the game was that one person will stand and mention one item from his/her clothing or body and if anyone who are seated, has that with him, have to swap their chair and the last person standing will have to do the same and fight for the chair. It so happened that the person stading said "All those who have black hair", hearing this, I immediately got up from my chair and grabbed the nearest chair available, and that was when all the guys asked (same q.), "Bte, why did you change your seat?, you don't have a black hair" and I have to tell them that I have a natural black hair or else I could lose.

Ok, back to the main subject. It's been 2/3 months that I don't color my hair and I expect the new growth be very black and that my hair to look somewhat funny, but when I looked at my hair in the mirror, it wasn't so black and more or less brown and I don't know what to feel about this, to be shocked or surprise. That was when this question popped up, "Do hair have thoughts of their own?". Maybe my hair doesn't want to show its natural black color, knowing that its gonna get colored again, lol.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

My old team mate

These photos were taken last year when we had a team outing. The place was good, cool etc but I wasn't feeling well that day so I couldn't even enjoy myself. I had a fever from morning but I did not dare to opt out from this as I was always teased of not being 'in' the team :)

Friday, March 10, 2006

I finally had my very long awaited Bawngsa

Ka bawngsa rawp na hi a rei rem2 toh boka nizan chu ka'n ei ta hlauh mai a nih chu...ka ei chak dan ngei maiin, a rep, ka nu'n min ron thon hlauh mai a. Ka ei chak tak, a rep, chhum, antur ka'n thlak a...oi, a va han tui tak, lolzzz.

Chuan, a sa a kha ka'n thler a, hmarcha hmui nen kan soh polh a, a va han tui tak em. A tui dan hi soi sen a ni lo..a tui em em a ni ringot mai..ka chaw ei te chu a ti tui ropui lehnghal..bongsa hi a lo tui ni.

Ei chak dan chi hran2 hi ka nei a, nizan chuan ka ei chak dan ber mai chi khat chuan ka'n siam ta a. Ka ei chak leh dan chu alu nen a kan polh hlur mai hi a nia, mahse tuna ka bongsa hi chu a rep a nih avang hian alu nena han kan polh hi ka ui deuh sia..eng tin nge mo ka tih don ni, hetah lah a leina ka hre si lo. Alu nena kan polh ah hi chuan a rep lo hi a lo tui ber mai.
He bongsa vang hian chaw wi te hi ka chak ngoih2, office atanga haw thuai2 te hi ka chak phah leh zual.

Let us hear the words.. taken from ?? 2:5

"Min lawmpui rawh u, ka bawngsa rep ei chak chu ka ei ta e"

Thursday, March 09, 2006

It's been a while

It's been a while...I've been working quite hard lately, ha ha..and I just didn't have time to blog, lol. When I find the time then there would be a network problem or when any of Google's page won't open at all, ie, I couldn't use the search. It's 7 in the morning and here I am, in front of my system, ready(?) to work, passing my time.
I am just tired, I mean I misses my beauty sleep, ha ha..I miss my bed, wish I could still sleep for another 2 hrs and zzzzzzs this morning away.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Could use all the rests I can take

I am so body could use all the rests it can take. Last night I slept quite late and I was half awake the whole time. To make the matter worse (:D), I got up at 5:45 AM and then go to office. Now, I am in office and am still in office. My actual shift ends 3 hrs ago, but........... :(....I am just tired, thats all. To make my situation more difficult, the odour.....its just terrible, this makes me even more tired, lol. As soon as I reach home, if I still have enough strength, I will take a hot shower and hit the sack.

Ka ding lam mihring rim

Oi, vawhin chu ka ding lama thu pa rim a na lutuk a, a hreh awm khawp mai...a rim hi a na lutuk, tawrh pawh a har, ka hnar te ka hup thul....a sawt nep khawp mai, ka hnar hi a tihp hlur mai. eng perfule nge a rawn hman pawh ka hre lo, ha ha, ha, CK1 chu a ni lo tih ka hria aaaa.....eng perfume mah a ni lo...vai rim thang hi ni top mai. Heting rim hi vai ho atang bak hian a chhuak ngaiin ka hre lo. Mizoram mistiri ho pawh hian tiang rim hi an nei zen zen paw'n ka hre lo. Zakkha rim pawh a ni lo, tel rim pawh a ni lo, a ni ngher, nasa takin a rim ni ngher hi a rawn chhuak a ni mai. Tunah chaw ei turin a thang bova, mahse a rim hi a la cham nghar mai, oi, la luak a chhuak. Mahse a chaw ei bo chhunga a rim bo vek tep hi ka thal hlel ngawih2, tihian OT kan tia nga, 8:00pm thelng chu kan la thu ho dawn chu ni sia :(( ....... a va han retheih thlak tak em, future chu a eng lo ve khawp mai, vawhin tlai chu...a rim hi..tawrh a har ni top mai... he tiang rim dangdai lutuk achieve tur hian e nge a tih niang le...Sherlock Holmes ka mamawh khawp mai