Monday, April 19, 2010

Yup...Another Year Older :)

April 19th - yes, that's my birthday - reached with God's blessings.

I know that people loved to pull my legs - you are this old, you are still single...get married..oh, you are such a senior-single-with job lady, you are scaring the guys away...and all craps...which, are not hilarious but have to smile out of politeness.

I used to see it this was - okay, they make fun, it's fine. How many people do not live long enough to see the stage I am in? How many of my classmates had lost life? How many got married and led a not-so-happy-envious life? I feel so blessed. Thank you Lord.

Okay, looking back at the years that I had spent, I asked myself:

1. Have a been a good daughter?:

For others to see, I may not be a problematic daughter - free from drugs, never dressed over the top, never awkward make up, a grad now with a job. But, had I been a good daughter? If I have to be rated, I know that I won't be rated high. There are so many things that I regret.

2. How do I rate as a sister?:

I remembered their birthdays and sent my wishes every year..and..ok. on my defense, I am the youngest so they should be looking after me :D...and they never remember my birthday unless I remind them over and again. No good wishes till now...

This is how I fair as a sister.

3. How about friend?

 I listened all the craps they can talk about with patience :D and sometimes try to help them out. But if I compare the time I gave for my friends to all the things the do for me, it become so little.And yes, these days, I spent so much time alone, which is really bad..My PC and my net become my best friends now

I have guests..but that do not stop me from browsing

Now, I am not going to ask how I am as a Boss or as a colleagues cos I know I am the worst, the most impatient, you name it and I am that.

To make it short, I am thankful that God had guided me throughout my life and blessed me with another year. Thank you Lord. 

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Boomarang - Live@ Turquoise Cottage

Place: Turquoise Cottage
Vasant Vihar, New Delhi

Date: 2nd April, 2010

Note: This is all after church activity :)

One of my friends called up saying that Boomarang will be performing Live and invite us to see them play and then later to have dinner.

Shall I call myself a Fan? :D Ok, I like the band very much and proud to read and hear about them.

These two could not turn their head/neck for the next 4 days...hahahha...when you call them, they turned themselves without moving their heads..lolz

(on just above pic) - Hlutea & William

Hlutea was asking me the other day how William is doing - if he is able to turn his head..lolz

It was such a great night that William completely forgot that he is - unable to walk properly and could barely walk, having viral fever, hard of hearing (:D) etc.

Will add more later...not in the mood