Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Boomarang - Live@ Turquoise Cottage

Place: Turquoise Cottage
Vasant Vihar, New Delhi

Date: 2nd April, 2010

Note: This is all after church activity :)

One of my friends called up saying that Boomarang will be performing Live and invite us to see them play and then later to have dinner.

Shall I call myself a Fan? :D Ok, I like the band very much and proud to read and hear about them.

These two could not turn their head/neck for the next 4 days...hahahha...when you call them, they turned themselves without moving their heads..lolz

(on just above pic) - Hlutea & William

Hlutea was asking me the other day how William is doing - if he is able to turn his head..lolz

It was such a great night that William completely forgot that he is - unable to walk properly and could barely walk, having viral fever, hard of hearing (:D) etc.

Will add more later...not in the mood


Lalrindiki Ralte said...

great snapsss . . . ..

Lalrindiki Ralte said...
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Lalrindiki Ralte said...
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sawmpuia said...

Boomerang te live in a en bik..dinner nen maw... i autograph zawk hi kala dil ang che mole :-)

illusionaire said...

Nice! So what were the songs you sang that night? I thought you looked a bit different clutching the mike and singing, but I guess you gained some weight. Its really nice seeing you again. You look good in that black waistcoat, biteiiiii.


chhangte_ll said...

An bar khian ka mit a la ber mai :D

Anonymous said...

Meng sî sap!

William Otaku said...

i saw myself in the crowd... i saw the son of the devil in me... aaarghhh!!!! wont forget this very night.. it was soooo awesooooommme