Sunday, August 02, 2009

A day at Fun N Food Village

Date: Forgot :P

Day: Sunday

Place: Fun n Food Village, Gurgaon

I am not going to comment much here..I had, in fact, we all had a good time. We went there as a team and it was fun.

I do not know how to swim but I spent most of my time here; it was great

This was the best ride...the best slide...I sure had fun sliding down here.

This one's for my dear dear friend (but who, sadly, doesn't seem to remember me) Sandman

Saturday, August 01, 2009

I am still alive...

It's good to be back

When was the last time I updated or visited my blog??...I have stopped updating and then stopped visiting my blog..I don't know why..may be I have lost interest for some time..may be.


1. Planned to go home for a friend's wedding but cancelled it at the last moment

2. Tried to have a new sexy abs with my new Abs Exerciser but still not reduced

3. Shed off weights :(

4. Meet up with cousins

5. Devote more time to ...! :D

6. Call up my Mom (I am so guilty)

7. Pray more

8. Pay more attention to myself

9. See Potter

However, I did:

1. Went to see Ice Age 3 - A must watch

2. Use my Abs Exerciser frequently

3. Learn how to prepare lassi :P

4. Went to Hard Rock Cafe

5. See Monster Vs Aliens (a must SEE and look out for the alien)

6. Call Mom

7. Had a small party at my place

8. Shifted to yet another place

9. Become a couch potato

10. Buy myself a new pair of jeans :)