Sunday, September 28, 2008

Still love them...:)


Its been a decade and a half but I still love them a lot. With their come-back, I get excited all over again. I have even subscibed their news letter and also sign up for Google crazy I still am.

I read the report of their comeback concernr and I could so relate myself to this:

"The Garden was more than ready for Wahlberg's love-in. Many of the fans, who were mostly women between the ages of 28 and 40, came to the show in 20-year-old T-shirts and buttons, and held signs that said things like "Before there was Justin there was Jordan," and "Donnie and Jordan in '08."


And the on other pages, I noticed this cute photo:


I am quite sure that had I been in their place, I would do the same....with their Tee..of course. If only I have the chance to meet them at least once :)

And, would you believe I still have their big posters safely packed at home.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Silly Questions and thoughts

The other day I was a a friend's place and we had a girly chat when one of us suddenly asked:

Q1. What would you do if your pay check suddenly increased to Rs. 1 lakh?
After 2/3 secs of silence, the first answer came:
Girl1: I will go for a holiday
Girl2: Me too, I will do the same
Then, after much thought...
Me: I will move to Green Park..hahaha

The next question is from a dear cousin of mine, Abe (who was quite broke at that time)
Q2. If the road from here to the main road (2 mins walk) is filled with Rs.5 coin, and you have the whole day, how much will you be able to collect? Then she answered her own quetion
Ans: I think I will be able to collect at least lakh. I will keep on collecting until I passed out.

The other question is from another cousin of mine, Esther
Q3. Do you think Bill Gates will be willing to pay our 1 month rent if we asked him? 'Cos it will not matter to him at all while it will be a very huge thing for us.
Well....she never wrote to Bill Gates and so no answer.

This question comes from my dear dear friend, Chris
Q. Will it be ok to ask Bill Gates to give us his 1 hour income?
That question then took him to dreamland..hahahaha