Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Manali Holiday - 2: Snow and ski

New World Champion in the making :D

Not in the mood to add much words.....i might, later on...heh!

Friday, May 06, 2011

The Manali Holiday

Gee...I can't believe that this is my first post this year...gosh, I had been so lazy. Well, this trip that I am to talked about also happened last month *GRIN*.

Besides its beauty, the things I notices about Manali are:

1. The air is very clear, fresh and clean. In short, still very unpolluted

2. All shops including the fruit vendor ensured that they use paper bag instead of poly bag ( This doesn't meant that I am an environmentalist..heh)

3. The people are very good. A very simple example: the auto rickshaw drivers are not there to cheat you. (We reached Delhi in the morning and the auto driver tried to take an extra night charge..whew). I guess the weather greatly affect the people.

4. Tea/Coffee are really really good

I am not going to say much but let the pictures do the talking:

As I've never seen a snow in real life, we got really excited with the first clear view of snow on the hills.

We reached Manali in the morning and this is where we enjoyed our tea and bread-omlette

The Yak ride...I mean photo session with yaks. :)

In a Manali traditional dress; it's really warm, and a photo session with the sheep

This is a cherry tree (quite different from Farmville Cherry tree *GRIN*

We were advised to take only a small thin sweater with us as summer has started. Well, we ended up wearing this big furry jacket and bought a new one for ourselves. 

Snow water......seems to be very fresh but freezing cold 

A Manali woman. I have noticed that the women worked really hard but this lady is all smile for the camera

That's all for now. Next will be an update about the skiing trip