Monday, December 22, 2008

Holiday is here

I finally have my leave approved for two whole weeks (with a little white lie..hehe) leaves start!!! and I am so relieved and refreshing. I can now rest, rest and rest. No irate customer, No customer's issue/query, No pre/post shift meet, No "Bte, will you be taking the shift meet?/Can we leave?" once the shift ends, No meeting with the managers, No "uh oh, have I done something wrong?" when your Ops. Manager called least for the next two weeks...a real relief.

However, I hate the fact that I will not be able to spend it with my sister, cousin sister, nephew, friends and .... are here so I am trying to make the most of it.

I haven't done my Christmas shopping yet which I hope to have by tomorrow. Ok, what will I get for myself - new shoes?, new jeans?, new sweater?, new boots?...decisions, decisions..contribution would be appreciated *GRIN*. Anyway, I have trimmed the tree but still have to work with the decorative lights in the balcony.

Anyway, here's a few lines from one the most beautiful Christmas songs:

City sidewalks, Busy sidewalks, Dressed in holiday style
In the air there's A feeling of Christmas
Children laughing, People passing, Meeting smile after smile
And on everyStreet corner you'll hear

Silver Bells, Silver Bells
It's Christmas time in the city
Ring-a-ling, hear them sing
Soon it will be Christmas Day

Merry Christmas to all!!! God bless! And Peace

Sunday, December 21, 2008

18 and still counting...???

I came across a quite an interesting news while browsing Pople's website. It was about this Duggar family who has the 18th I wonder where they get all the energy from:P. It makes me wonder if my good friend Kima, formerly known as Silverchild, would be able to top that..hehe.

On a serious note..come to think of it...18 kids and still counting?? As reported:

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar of Tontitown, Ark., had their eighteenth child Thursday – Jordyn-Grace Makiya, who joins the rest of her J-named siblings. Jordyn-Grace was born via C-section at Mercy Medical Center in Rogers, weeks before her due date of Jan. 1. She weighed in at 7 lbs, 3 oz and was 20 inches long. "Mother and baby are resting and doing well," says a rep for the Duggar family, whose crowded house is featured on the TLC network show 17 Kids & Counting.

For Jim and Michelle Duggar, eighteen isn't enough. After welcoming a 7-lb., 3 oz. daughter via C-section on Thursday to join their 17 other children, the proud papa tells the Associated Press: "We both would love to have more." The Duggars now have 10 sons and eight daughters, ranging in age from 17 months to 20 years, all with first names starting with the letter J, including the newborn addition, Jordyn-Grace Makiya Duggar. "The ultimate Christmas gift from God," said Jim tells AP. "She's just absolutely beautiful, like her mom and her sisters." The family's crowded house in Tontitown, Ark., is featured on the TLC network show 17 Kids & Counting, which will have its name updated to reflect the birth of No. 18.

Thought this is not my business but I wonder how they looked after the kids. They have to be quite a well-to-do-family and they must be. If the mother's health is good..she must've been blessed with all the health...just imagine having 18th child and still doing fine. Not only that, already think of having the

My sister had has 3 kids and after that the doctor won't let her have another one. This makes me realize how blessed the Duggars family is and they all looked healthy and happy.

Okay, once the 18th child or the younger ones start their schooling, I am quite sure that they will have problem remembering their brothers and sisters names. If it is in Mizoram school, the quesiton would be like:

1. What is your name?: easy
2. What is your mother's name?: which could be answered easily
3. What is your father's name?: another easy question
4. How many brothers and sisters do you have?: getting tough
5. Name them:..aaahhhh

Jokes apart, just want to say ...Congratulations!! :)

Saturday, December 13, 2008


...that's me. I am too lazy to even update my blog or think up of something to talk about. I go to work regulary because that's my duty. Except for that I seem to neglect almost everything. I have so many pending works at home because I am too . I know that I still have to go to CitiBank and draw my check that I surprisingly received from IBM. The amount is small but it is good to receive the "BONUS" check out of expectation. It's been almost a year and a hlaf that I have left the company and I guess I will never know what that bonus is for..not that I am complaining :)...I must have done something right (hee hee).

I have lost Rs. 1000 Shoppers Stop gift voucher because I felt lazy. Believe it or not, the voucher was valid for one year and finally expires on Nov. was a real waste. I did try to use it in the middle of the year. I went shopping with my cousin in Noida mall but forgot to bring the voucher. That was the closest I have come to use it. The now-uselsess voucher is lying among my files...I know some would be real mad at me for this.

However, I did change my template and created the banner. It may not be a masterpiece but I did my best and I guess it is quite okay for the time being. I don;t know what got into me these days but I am crazy about flowers and thus use it on my banner. I know I still have to work on my template but it will be sometime. Let the enthusiasm comes first.

Besides this, I went to Trade Fair at Pragati Maidan, N.Delhi and it was worth

it. It was last month, though. I bought the small chilli pickle and bamboo shoot pickle. The chilli is quite hot and makes my mouth water just the thought of it..heh! One of the things that I fear most is not being able to have chilli due to stomach problem. I really need to know how to take care of my stomach..lolzz. My friend, Mathlana, sent me the pics. I was hoping that he would send the pics without us in it but he did not. Anyway, here is one with the umbrella I really like. I asked him to buy it for me but when he checked it, he knew that it was not useful so..:(

Anyway, I feel very very very tired these days. My muscles ached and my old bones really need all the rests they can take. I do not know why I always feel tired. The only reason I can think of is that may be my aging body cannot take a non-vacational-year-long work....that's may