Saturday, December 13, 2008


...that's me. I am too lazy to even update my blog or think up of something to talk about. I go to work regulary because that's my duty. Except for that I seem to neglect almost everything. I have so many pending works at home because I am too . I know that I still have to go to CitiBank and draw my check that I surprisingly received from IBM. The amount is small but it is good to receive the "BONUS" check out of expectation. It's been almost a year and a hlaf that I have left the company and I guess I will never know what that bonus is for..not that I am complaining :)...I must have done something right (hee hee).

I have lost Rs. 1000 Shoppers Stop gift voucher because I felt lazy. Believe it or not, the voucher was valid for one year and finally expires on Nov. was a real waste. I did try to use it in the middle of the year. I went shopping with my cousin in Noida mall but forgot to bring the voucher. That was the closest I have come to use it. The now-uselsess voucher is lying among my files...I know some would be real mad at me for this.

However, I did change my template and created the banner. It may not be a masterpiece but I did my best and I guess it is quite okay for the time being. I don;t know what got into me these days but I am crazy about flowers and thus use it on my banner. I know I still have to work on my template but it will be sometime. Let the enthusiasm comes first.

Besides this, I went to Trade Fair at Pragati Maidan, N.Delhi and it was worth

it. It was last month, though. I bought the small chilli pickle and bamboo shoot pickle. The chilli is quite hot and makes my mouth water just the thought of it..heh! One of the things that I fear most is not being able to have chilli due to stomach problem. I really need to know how to take care of my stomach..lolzz. My friend, Mathlana, sent me the pics. I was hoping that he would send the pics without us in it but he did not. Anyway, here is one with the umbrella I really like. I asked him to buy it for me but when he checked it, he knew that it was not useful so..:(

Anyway, I feel very very very tired these days. My muscles ached and my old bones really need all the rests they can take. I do not know why I always feel tired. The only reason I can think of is that may be my aging body cannot take a non-vacational-year-long work....that's may


mnowluck said...

same here.. havent' had the time to update my blog too. Eh someone's tried her hand @designing huh? U can help me with the templating of the project I"m on right now

Been month's since I last update my blog.. i'm not gonna update it either.. and grrr... IMB what's that? :D.. Yep,

my company is trustworthy huh? they even send you the check even after a year and a half after you told us such a bad lie.. lolz.. Just kidding

DayDreamBeliever said...

Hey the new banner looks great! Kudos to you, girl!

I can understand about all that laziness. This year's seen me at my most lethargic and lazy-boned; paradoxically, it seems to have been my busiest too. Maybe there's a connection between being lazy and work piling up so that you feel snowed under :)

Great umbrella, btw.

DayDreamBeliever said...

And I HATE you for that Shopper's Stop voucher...but come to think of it, what can you buy for a thousand bucks at SS? hehe Congrats on the bonus check!

Sekibuhchhuak said...

I nihliap chu avan Chinese reuh ve, a man a to em ?

thinchhia said...

Lay_Z (Jay_Z nilo) tak tak nih dawn hi comment pawh khol tlat.template thar chu nalh khawp mai.

Almost Unreal said...

@mnow: of course, I have tried..hehe...and update your blog..for the sake of vampire

@daydreambeliever: thx :). As for the voucher, well, you can pay extra and buy wht u want..I think..heheh

Almost Unreal said...

@sekibuhchhuak: a man poh ka zot ta lo..a nalh reuh ltk tih mai loh chu

@thinchhia: comment khol vang poh ni looo....lolzz...and thx :)

sawmpuia said...

I template hi a van nalh em em.. Minlo thlaksak vela tha ang.. i miss you high... Mi hausa tak hi chu aw... an lucky voucher te pawh hi an hmang peih reng reng lo a. Mi hausa leh rethei inkar hi a zau lutuk tawh... Nge mi thatchhia leh mi hmeltha..lolzzz. A eng a pawh chu nise...Arpa minti bawk a ka rawn khuang vel mai mai a nih hi. A thu hrimin i inla chainisi nula vel ve a.. Lalvuana te unau kha lo zilh deuh teh an mum lutuk dot dot.BTW Zara pawh a haw a lung a leng khawp mai.. I thiamloh engmah a awmlo a nia aw...

Almost Unreal said...

ve teh hloh che chuan...i va ron khuang nasa ve..mi te i la ron khuan khum ve duh a..a lom om e

gift voucher chu maw...thatchhiat vang liau2 a ni eeee