Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I am addicted to Minesweeper....again!!!!! I was addicted to this almost a decade back now I am slave to this again. Many of you migth not be aware what Minesweeper is. It is one of the games that comes along with your Windows along with FreeCell, Spade, etc. When I really used to play this game, I even see myself playing it in my dreams..hehehe and I was proud of my scores those days. My best times I could recall were:
Beginners level: 4 secs
Intermediate: 34 secs
Expert: 64 secs
I am not so proud of my current scores :(

Anyway, how the game goes depend on the number that appears. For instance, if there is 1, this means that there is one Mine that touches that number and if there is 4, it means that the No.4 touches 4 mines and that No. 4 will not touch more than 4 mines. This means that numbers that appear can share the mines or whatever it is.

The Red Flag indicated where Mines are or I believe where they are. Right clicking on the button will let you mark this Red Flag.
This pic shows when you clicked on the wrong button. I did this on purpose so as to show you all *wink*.

And this is what you will get when you completed the game.

To access this game, go to Start, the Program Files and then Games. If Games is in your Accessories, you will have to go to Accessories.


Christopher said...

Don't worry. Minesweeper is an NP complete problem.

No wonder you're addicted! Read this:

azassk said...

addict lo phot mai teh ang

Joseph said...

I always play a custom game... with 99x99 and only 10 mines. :D Needless to say I always win! LOL

illusionaire said...

I once finished a beginner's level with 1 second! After that I fainted immediately and they had to rush me to the ICU, but it was worth it :-P

mnowluck said...

Hihihi.. the only game I love in Windows XP is the Free Cell

and the game I love of all is T1 Car Racing Simulation for UBUNTU :D

Almost Unreal said...

@Christopher: lol

@azassk: addict ve roh..i in chhir lovang..a hlauh om loh..hehehe

@joseph: kha tiang trick kha ka thiam hma a ka in lak thiam duh nan ka hmang thin..hahahhaa

Almost Unreal said...

@illusionaire: Have you ever heard of Mineswweper before this post? hehehe

@mnow: Try this game..u will love it..but it require use of brain..if you know what i mean...:P

sawmpuia said...

chuti chuan....addict center anlo hawng ta a..expertah nulaB-i hi an sawm ta a..cooler hnuaiah a thu nui vur vur a..ehhh

mnowluck said...

hahaha.. you couldn't use your brain much :D

DayDreamBeliever said...

hey thanks for finally explaining how that game works... I was never able to figure it out! I just randomly clicked and those darned mines just kept blasting away! No wonder it was no fun for me :)

The one and only game I've installed is good old Zuma...and believe me, I'm one hell of a pro, hehe. My latest addiction is spider solitaire...:(

Almost Unreal said...

@sawmpuia: i thiam ve loh vang, lol

@mnow: would I be posting this?? *wink*

@daydreambeliever: you are most welcome...start playing, I am sure you will enjoy it. Start from Beginner level..thats how I started..hehehhee

toy soldier said...

My best was Beg-7
Expert-Khel chhuak thei thlot lo.
So I must say u r super least in this:)...
But I must say my statistic in Freecell is "Won:100%".Always:)

sawmpuia said...

addict leh addict lo in sual ila :-)

Almost Unreal said...

@toy soldier: i've got to say you are super awesome in confess, I am nver 100 per cent

@sawmpui: min cho mi?