Thursday, November 08, 2012

What about "good"?

I was tossing and turning on my bed last night, trying to free the blockage in my nose. Yes, the blockage was due to my cold. Being unable to fall asleep due to the disturbance, several thoughts came into my mind, some which I exclaimed "oh no", some which I missed, annoyed etc.

Then I remember me saying "The only good thing I have ever done is not chewing tobacco". Ok, I know I had said this as a joke but then I ask myself "What are the good things you have done in your life?". I try to point out all the great and good things I had done for others but then to my shock, my mind went blank. Am I reallty this selfish?

I often express my desire to work for an NGO, charity work, doing good things for the needy. And I'd say that I will be happiest but now I have huge doubt on myself.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Here again

When I checked my email today, I was surprised to notice that there was a new comment in my blog. Thought it to be a spam but the comment was quite alright (reason, name :P). I checked my last update, and wow, it's almost a year. I guess it must have almost a year too since I do not visit my blog. 

Spent the past months confused, trying to figure what I want it life but no answer till now. I've been working in a company that I do not love (:D). Couldn't come to the conclusion whether to go back home or stay continue to stay here in Delhi, or move to Hyderabad. Decisions, decisions; it's exhausting.

What happened so far - 

I have fallen for Dr Sheldon Cooper.

I've met the guy whom I used to have a huge crush on 13 years back. Yes, he is married and yes, he was my senior during those days.

I've also met one of my closest, dearest friends from middle school days after 15 (?) years. Wow, how time flies. All thanks to Facebook.

I took Zumba Fitness videos from Sandman. Though I have my doubt the effectiveness of the the workout, I guess I shouldn't be judging a fitness video based on the owner. So from last night, I have started watching and follow the instructions. I admit it is very very tiring, not as easy as it looks. And I have to pause and take a rest after every 5 minutes..hehehe..