Monday, February 08, 2010

How well do you know yourself?

There was a girl. She was famous for her unkempt apartment. If you entered the apartment, you will see unmade bed, unswept floor (who know for how long), wrappers lying around, clothes everywhere etc. Adopted stray dogs which create more mess as her apartment was filled with new and dried craps that were covered with newspapers.

One fine day, she hired a maid who now kept the house tidy. Whoever entered the house now made a comment "The house is so clean, you can actually live now".

After this, she would proudly day "I cannot stand dirty house. I told my maid that everything should be spick and span".

Then, one of her friends left her house in a mess one day with clothes lying around. She was the first to make this comment "How could she be so untity, I can't stand it". It was a laugh for those who knew her before.

There was a boy who drinks quite heavily. When asked why he drank so much, he answered "I have an insomnia and this is the reason why I drink a lot so that I may fall asleep. But this did not help, I still cannot sleep, no matter how much I drink" and then after a few minutes, you can hear him snore. :)

* Characters mentioned here are fictional. If it resembles any person living or dead, it is a coincidence :D

What the ......

My system time says its 8th Feb 2010 but my very recently updated blog still show 7th Feb, 2010 and I was like..WTF.
Thinking that it was to do with my gmail setting, I checked but found out it wasn't so. (dumb of me to think as blogspot could be associated with third party email account)
Then I go to the settings and found out that it was set to Pacific Standard Times..hehehe

Update: Now the funny thing is that this update shows as the second last update