Monday, March 23, 2009

And then....

Venue: PnP
Occasion: Friend's B'Day

Thanks to Information Technology, I was able to go to the club and enjoy myself while I was to be at work :) ... one SMS saved me...hehe. It was a great experience.

All together, we were 3 guys and 3 girls. When we reached the venue, we saw handsome-well-dressed-clean-great car guys but who do not even flick an eye to us...not that we are that :D.

The best thing was that you don't see the hungry-sex starved-dirty-cheap eyes checking you out. The ironic part was that the guys were quite cool, decent etc etc but they were just not into girls..ouch!

In most discs here in Delhi, it's a free entry for girls but not here. When I bring this up, one of my friends replied, "C'mon, it's a gay club...there should be no difference between a girl and a guy" and we laughed it off.

The main drawback was the bi-sexual ones who tried to hit on you. C'mon, it was a gay club and the male were suppose to be gay..interested in guys only. One of my friends and I were so pissed off with this guy and then I finally said "Stop talking to me and my grilfriend" hoping that that would brushed him off. But, this stupid-ugly-fellow still come very strong..trying to make conversation with us..offerring drinks. Then he was gone for a minute or two then came back with a story that he is a journalist and wants us to share our story - the lesbian life....he was such a pain in the A**.

On the other news.. :P

I have been blessed with straight hair and been carrying it for a very long time. As a child I always wanted to keep my hair long which my mother would never agreed to. Then when I finally reached my teen, I stopped listening and kept my hair long and straight ever since.

The other day, a beautician fron Aizawl came and decided to make some changes.

This is the new hair do in the making --------->

As per him, we have to leave it for 40 mins. After 40 mins, it was not enough so we leave it for another 15 mins...I think it was for full 1 hour then it was ready.

<------------The new hairdo :)

and then.........

............and then..........


And this is how I look like...hahaha...and yes, with "my" hair dresser.