Sunday, February 15, 2009

Where I have been

I have been away from this blg world for a month. I have not bothered to update my own blog nor do I bother to read others'. I guess I have been lazy and yes, been busy at work. Well...I have been feeding the deers...hehe.

I have been taking a walk at Deer Park, Safdarjung, quite reqularly these days and feeding the deers was one of the fun part. Now, I saved all the wasted green vegetables so that I can feed them. Though the amount of food I bring to them is very less, but it's fun to see them eating heartily...and the crunching sound they made is jsut beautiful. I don't know how to explain this but I just love the sound.

I took this specially for my dear cousin, J, who, most probably concentrated on the meat too much, never see a peacock at the park :D

This park is quiet huge and so I once went to the other side that I never reached. Then I saw this place
On Friday the 13th, I saw a peacock in its full grace and I felt so fortunate. I always wanted to see them with my naken eyes and luck was on my side.

When I first saw it, its back was at my side then I waited patiently and quite nervous too, afraid that I would scare him and let the tails down. Then I hold my breath, waited when it finally turned slowly

Fearing that it would keep the tail down once I caught his attention, I took this

But he proved me wrong as he was standing there, and then turned very slowly.

I promised that I will set my phone cam in a good mode the next time I come across something so beautiful. I am not satisfied with this photoes either.