Sunday, February 15, 2009

Where I have been

I have been away from this blg world for a month. I have not bothered to update my own blog nor do I bother to read others'. I guess I have been lazy and yes, been busy at work. Well...I have been feeding the deers...hehe.

I have been taking a walk at Deer Park, Safdarjung, quite reqularly these days and feeding the deers was one of the fun part. Now, I saved all the wasted green vegetables so that I can feed them. Though the amount of food I bring to them is very less, but it's fun to see them eating heartily...and the crunching sound they made is jsut beautiful. I don't know how to explain this but I just love the sound.

I took this specially for my dear cousin, J, who, most probably concentrated on the meat too much, never see a peacock at the park :D

This park is quiet huge and so I once went to the other side that I never reached. Then I saw this place
On Friday the 13th, I saw a peacock in its full grace and I felt so fortunate. I always wanted to see them with my naken eyes and luck was on my side.

When I first saw it, its back was at my side then I waited patiently and quite nervous too, afraid that I would scare him and let the tails down. Then I hold my breath, waited when it finally turned slowly

Fearing that it would keep the tail down once I caught his attention, I took this

But he proved me wrong as he was standing there, and then turned very slowly.

I promised that I will set my phone cam in a good mode the next time I come across something so beautiful. I am not satisfied with this photoes either.


illusionaire said...

Sahuan a kal leh nang hi i in hmeh eee :P


Well, I was there for more than a year, and not even once did I go to the Park!!! Grrr... everytime I told her to take me and we all plan to go together, some other plan would come in between. And for entire stay there, I never saw saw even one inch of that park. Lo hau hrep rawh i va leng leh hunah chuan... Ka tuilo teh mai a nia!

hruaia said...

sahuan hi ka la kal tlem tawp...:) pardon my igno, where is this place?

azassk said...

sahuan lamah i lo kal daih vang anih hi, i vang kan lo tih em em ni:)

sawmpuia said...

Sakhi te, sazuk te, arawn te hmangaihtu Nula Biteii damreng rawh se :-)

Michael Fanai said...

But he proved me wrong as he was standing there, and then turned very slowly

HE i mention hi tunge?

zompuii said...

ka u'sss i dam momz??? van ngaihom ve a...i online ngai lo emi.

chhangte_ll said...

Mizo Inkhawmna, Green Park hnungah pawh khan Deer Park chu a awm ve kha mawle. Nang leh Ei tih hi a inhmeh riau...**Crunch Crunch**Smack, Smack**Gulp** :D

Almost Unreal said...

@illusionaire: i kal ve chak vang

kal pui kher i ti a niang chu mo leeee :D

@hruaia: keipoh ka la kal tam lo

a hmun hi Deer Park, Safdarjung, N. Delhi a ni e


Almost Unreal said...

@azassk: hahahaha..kha daih kha a sin

@sawmpuia: Ni e :))

@Michael: thil engkim hi i hriat ve vek a ngai leuh :P

Almost Unreal said...

@zompui: ka nau...i va avang veee

@chhangte: i soi chu a ne..kha Deer Park kha

Ei hi a lom kan dam chhan le...hehe

Geminiboyz said...

Tlai khaw hnu ah kan ti ve hram te'ng. Thlalak a nalh hlawm khawp mai. Sahuan hi a hmuhnawm ka ti a, mahse ka la tlawh tam lo khawp mai. Nungcha humhalh pawlah tel ve la i inhmeh ngawt ang. Nice pic.

Almost Unreal said...

tlai luat om hlei nem...nia..nungcha humhalh polah hian om i la..a hlim thlak phian a nia ka rin...mahse SA hi ka la duh em mai...lolzzz


I blog ka rawn leng lut leh update khat ta ve a.

Almost Unreal said...

epis..lo leng roh, lo leng roh ...tun lai chu ka thatchhe ltk a, ka update mang meuh lo ni ber mai

Jerusha said...

Deer park kha chu awww, va han nuam reuh tak! Sardarjung a kan awm lai kha chuan nitin deuh thaw ka kal thin. Mahse sakhi ho kha chu I sawi ang deuhin an sa bak kha chu ka ngaihtuah vak ngai lo. Sakhi sa rep ung dum thrah mai ka va han ei chak tak emmm!!

Chuan in, arawn hi ka mu ziah a, hetah pawh an tam, mahse an thla parh lai hi ka la hmu fuh thrak thung lo. I lucky kher mai.