Thursday, November 08, 2012

What about "good"?

I was tossing and turning on my bed last night, trying to free the blockage in my nose. Yes, the blockage was due to my cold. Being unable to fall asleep due to the disturbance, several thoughts came into my mind, some which I exclaimed "oh no", some which I missed, annoyed etc.

Then I remember me saying "The only good thing I have ever done is not chewing tobacco". Ok, I know I had said this as a joke but then I ask myself "What are the good things you have done in your life?". I try to point out all the great and good things I had done for others but then to my shock, my mind went blank. Am I reallty this selfish?

I often express my desire to work for an NGO, charity work, doing good things for the needy. And I'd say that I will be happiest but now I have huge doubt on myself.


Mizohican said...

What about "bad"?

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