Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Appetite

How will I start? I know how terrible I used to feel when I lost my appetite; I lost my energy, always drowsy, no energy. For me, the worst part of losing an appetite feeling hungry yet not do not feel like eating. For instance, take a bowl and after 2/3 sip, you stopped taking it 'cos you do not feel like it..but your bady still need more so badly.

No, I am not losing my appetite. In fact it is so good that it worries me..sometimes. WhateverI eat taste wonderful and ate it to my heart content...fully satisfied and could barely move 'cos I am so full. Then after sometime, when there is something to eat, I can still have I am not complaining :).

The only reason why I am worried is because I am gaining lots and lots of weight. Worst of all, my longer sexy...hahaha. The thought of going on diet do sometimes come to my mind but always put it away. I am a person who always oppose to people on diet, ie strict diet so as to be thin.

I think that modelling is the worst profession. Yes, they are beatiful, tall, glamorous, can carry off all type of clothes etc etc. But they cannot eat whatever they want. What's the point in earning lots of money and not daring to or cannot eat what you want? If their profession requires it, they have to do it. This is one of the reasons why I love my job...I need not look beautiful but just professional..hehe. I may not be blessed with long legs, poise etc etc and I may not carry off all type of clothes but at least I know I wouldn't be laughed at with what I am wearing. And I do not wear all kind of clothes :D.

I love what I eat so much that I cannot understand why people vomitted themselves right after eating. Even when I gave a thought to do the same, I think of what I just lovingly had and do not want to go it a I never do it..:P.

I talked to my dear friend LV the other day and he gave me the following advice:

1. Stop taking meat (I love meat too much to give up)

2. Stop taking tea (Never!!! I am a tea drinker)

3. Do not take banana 'cos its fattenning. Eat apple (I can do this)

4. Drink lots of water (I do)

5. Go for walk (I do but not regularly :()

6. Do not take eggs. Even if you do, avoid the yolk (I love eggs)

7. Eat vegetables (not a problem)

8. No beer (Impossible, :P)

9. Curd has low fat content so have it. (Quite easy to follow)

10. Take Bio Slim (I have to try this :D)

The moment he mentioned Bio Slim, he blabbered on how effective it is which makes we wonder how much this company is paying him...lolzzz.

Anyway, let me conclude and say "I still love my appetite"..hahaha


Naupang^Fel said...

No worries..mine's gone much worse. believe it or not, gained 7 kilos in a week! Tummy! Don't even mention about it :P

sawmpuia said...

miss appetizer ni ta mai che :-) Va inla yellow ve a...chawhmeah pawh kan eng lampang hi i sawi uarlo tlat.

VaiVa said...

"The only reason why I am worried is because I am gaining lots and lots of weight. Worst of all, my longer sexy..."

" Mam mam ei puk puk" tiin a lawm nu leh pa ten min chawm len a, ei zel rawh malsawmna ani ngai e... :-D

Michael Fanai said...

sa thlah hmak roh :P

Almost Unreal said...

@naupang^fel: 7kilos in a

@sawmpuia: appetizer em chu ni bik

@vaiva: hahahah..nia ti raw..malsoma :)

@michael: thlah mai2 don lo reingssss

azassk said...

sawmpuia khi ka 2nd e!

illusionaire said...

Thil i lost nasat lutuk hi chuan pangngaina pawh i lose thei a lawm :)

insum i ngai hnem khawp mai... a dik a lawm. Thil hi insum ve thin deuh teh... khinglo ah te pawh *GRIN*

No. 8 na khi, i chiri tep lo maw, a hrilh che in? :)

Almost Unreal said...

@azassk: committee a nih loh

@illusionaire: va han chhe zeh zuah tak e awww...lolzzz

Anonymous said...

I hausak vang a nih kha..

ThaiBoy said...

Lawrkhawmah i hausa khawp mai.... ilo chiahpuamve reng ani maw?

Almost Unreal said...

@alexx: i va han ngei om tak e awwww..lolzz

@ThaiBoy: an ngeiom hlom a nia aww....chiahpuam ve ilang chuan sap ram ka fang vel mek toh ang ..hehe

chhangte_ll said...

Ha ha ha..You're just nicely covered. That's all I've to say about it.

Go have a Sauna Bath - It might help - or Join VLCC, but some people actually gained weight albeit with a lighter Wallet.

DayDreamBeliever said...

I have the opposite problem, so girl,just count your lucky stars and relish every morsel! I lost a kilo (if the evil scales are to be believed)between today and yesterday. Sigh!

Almost Unreal said...

@chhangte_ll: i ron lut ve teh hlol ni mauh..thx

I've thought of VLCC

@DayDreamBeliever: I guess I am lucky..take good care of yourself

amuana said...

Hahaha,a va hlim ve hei zet chu thau laklawh hi chuan engpawh hi ei ila thau ah a kal aniang :). Kumin January thla tawp lam khan 93 Kg ka ni hman, hahthlak teng teng khawp mai a, Exercise ka theih ang tawk a heavy in ka la ta char char a, July/August velah chuan 82 ah ka tla thla hman. Mahse ka inthlahdah a, tunah chuan ka inbuk ngam tawh hrih lo.

Advie an pek chi ka tan chuan zawm harsa tak tur vek a ni ve tho mai

Almost Unreal said...

ni e ti raw..thau lakloh hi chuan tui in rikngot poh hian dul kiarah hian a kal a...lolzzz

Anonymous said...

I wonder if you may have some form of depression or it could be cyclothymia, it started with appetite changes.

Why not see a doctor?. . .

Puibawiha said...

I thianpa chuan a va influence hneh lo che em!
Mahse imposible chi khat chauh a awm a, a dang zawng khi chu i la tithei mai ang.

Almost Unreal said...

@anonymous: I never thought of it that way...can depression increase my appetite?

@puibawiha: wc..wc...thuoih hi a har a ni e..lolzzz

claytonia vices said...

can you imagine a state of mind where you will really enjoy eating only what's healthy? And dislike most of the sin food?

Almost Unreal said...

clayton: don't even think about it..hahahaha...i won't live in this work if i am to eat only healthy food..