Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Back to Ice Age?

One scientist said that we will move back to the Ice Age due to this global warming etc etc and I really start to believe him. This is because of the pleasant, sexy (:D) we have out here in Delhi in mid of May when the temperature should have been 40 to 45, but its quite cool and pleasant. And to make my point clear-

1. I slept without switching on my fan, not to mention the cooler

2. It actually rained continously for hours and not the usual heavy 5 mins. shower

3. I used my blanket without turning on my fan

4. The clothes that were washed at around 11 a.m are not dry completely even at 4p.m (I still find this hard to believe. Now, don't think that y place doesn't see sunlight 'cos you every part the house and room are exposed to sunlight :))

5. I actually heated up water to bathe (in mid May)

6. I actually feel cold while smoking after having my dinner. Our cafetria is on the 6th floor and out side is the smoking area or where you can hang around but I felt too mid May

7. I haven't used my cooler for the past one week

8. It's actually cloudy for the whole day

9. I haven't taken lemonade for the past 3 days (miracle, hehe)

10. It's still quite cloudy outside


mccloud said...

But be careful coz this kind of rain usually brings "kawthalo leh santen." Avoid road side hotels atleast this time :P

Naupang^Fel said...

at least for this time tih hram ka va duh e. keimah tho ka nia

Almost Unreal said...

@mccloud: Y'knw wht one of my Assamese friends said at the time of Bird Flu? He said, "We NE eat so many harmful things compared Bird Flu. There is no way Bird Flu can harm us the NE." hahahaa


thanx for the advice :)

illusionaire said...

You are so lucky that it is cold even now!!! Last year, during this same time, it was already so hot that one cannot hug anybody... if you know what i mean :-P


Almost Unreal said...

@illusionaire: yup..this is a blessing..yeah last year the temperature was never lower than 40

Jerusha said...

I cooler chu helam ah chuti rawn tho chho mai la thra ang, we have three bedrooms but just two coolers :(

Puia said...

Delhi awm manah khawlum han tawrh te hi a manhla a nia..:) kan vanglai phei chuan tun ai khan AC leh cooler te kha hman mai tur a la vang a. AC office pawh tlem te a la ni a. Tin, cooler hmang pha pawh tlem te an ni a (mizo ah) a hreawm thei a nia aw.. Nupui hmeltha tak pawh nei ila, lehlam kan hawisan thovin ka ring..:)

Naupang^Fel said...

We're much better than South Indian people if you're going to think in that way A-unreal. They usually don't wash their hands because the food that they're going to have is much more dirtier than their hands :)

Almost Unreal said...

@jerusha: ka ron thn don mi? address kim chang te min ron hlrilh la..ka ron spped post ang :)

@puia: nia ti raw, khaw lum extreme ltk mai te hi nia ti Delhi tu chu, lolzz..nupui hmeltha deuh nei ta lo..thlan hluam chungin i chul; reng zok mai lo maw???hehehe

@naupangfel: So are you trying to say that you South Indian never washed your hands before eating? lolzz