Saturday, August 01, 2009

I am still alive...

It's good to be back

When was the last time I updated or visited my blog??...I have stopped updating and then stopped visiting my blog..I don't know why..may be I have lost interest for some time..may be.


1. Planned to go home for a friend's wedding but cancelled it at the last moment

2. Tried to have a new sexy abs with my new Abs Exerciser but still not reduced

3. Shed off weights :(

4. Meet up with cousins

5. Devote more time to ...! :D

6. Call up my Mom (I am so guilty)

7. Pray more

8. Pay more attention to myself

9. See Potter

However, I did:

1. Went to see Ice Age 3 - A must watch

2. Use my Abs Exerciser frequently

3. Learn how to prepare lassi :P

4. Went to Hard Rock Cafe

5. See Monster Vs Aliens (a must SEE and look out for the alien)

6. Call Mom

7. Had a small party at my place

8. Shifted to yet another place

9. Become a couch potato

10. Buy myself a new pair of jeans :)


mnowluck said...

hehee.. welcome back..Ka Nu :).

illusionaire said...

Halleluia!!! You're alive!!!!