Monday, April 19, 2010

Yup...Another Year Older :)

April 19th - yes, that's my birthday - reached with God's blessings.

I know that people loved to pull my legs - you are this old, you are still single...get married..oh, you are such a senior-single-with job lady, you are scaring the guys away...and all craps...which, are not hilarious but have to smile out of politeness.

I used to see it this was - okay, they make fun, it's fine. How many people do not live long enough to see the stage I am in? How many of my classmates had lost life? How many got married and led a not-so-happy-envious life? I feel so blessed. Thank you Lord.

Okay, looking back at the years that I had spent, I asked myself:

1. Have a been a good daughter?:

For others to see, I may not be a problematic daughter - free from drugs, never dressed over the top, never awkward make up, a grad now with a job. But, had I been a good daughter? If I have to be rated, I know that I won't be rated high. There are so many things that I regret.

2. How do I rate as a sister?:

I remembered their birthdays and sent my wishes every year..and..ok. on my defense, I am the youngest so they should be looking after me :D...and they never remember my birthday unless I remind them over and again. No good wishes till now...

This is how I fair as a sister.

3. How about friend?

 I listened all the craps they can talk about with patience :D and sometimes try to help them out. But if I compare the time I gave for my friends to all the things the do for me, it become so little.And yes, these days, I spent so much time alone, which is really bad..My PC and my net become my best friends now

I have guests..but that do not stop me from browsing

Now, I am not going to ask how I am as a Boss or as a colleagues cos I know I am the worst, the most impatient, you name it and I am that.

To make it short, I am thankful that God had guided me throughout my life and blessed me with another year. Thank you Lord. 


chhangte_ll said...

Happy Birthday le...LK ah ka vawmbei dawn emawni le :)

Almost Unreal said...

thank you..chhangte

vom bei chi nangggg...lolzz

amuana said...

It is not how old you are
it is how you feel that count
but in your case id take some aspirin and get some rest aklekekeke

Happy Birthday Super aka almost lol

ALEXXfender said...

bday in hmang nasa a niang... i reh zui deuh tlat.. VC-i pawh a office kal timing a dang dawrh mai!

Almost Unreal said...

@amuna: n your case id take some aspirin and get some rest


@Alexx: beer sa hi a lo tui emmm a tin ni..hahahaha

sawmpuia said...

a ropui rapthlak a ni tawp mai a ni...sawi zaulo mai ang... :-)

illusionaire said...

i b'day hi a ni zing viau in ka hrai :D ok ok I wont make fun of your age as you have written on your blog. It's not good to make fun of other's age. After all, in school I was taught to respect my elders... ok ok no more jokes. seriously.

Happy belated bday once again, and I still dont know why you never got my sms.

Diwakar Gopavajhala said...

April 19th - yes, that's my birthday - reached with God's blessings

you do not need god blessings to grow older myu dear. yes. you need god blessings to become matured. because he gives you experiences that make you wise in the life

Varte said...

Happy belated B'day, kei pawh 1st May khan ka hmang ve e, kan in ang reng, kum hi a pung zel mai.. :-)

Jerusha said...

Happy belated bah-thri-dei! Keipawh ka rawn hnai ve zel e. Hetiang ah hi chuan in wish vak lo ila, min remind tu hi tam lo se tih te awl lek lek mahse I sawi angin, dam hi thil ho a ni lo, chu=vang chuan senior theih chuan lawmawm ani1

Alejendro said...

Happy belated Birthday... hey I know you... you're from Chaltlang, right?