Thursday, March 23, 2006

Can you bear with this?

Can you bear with this. These are the songs that I listened 6 days a week, several times a day, whether I like it or not -

1. Escape (Enrique) ....I just dont get how special this song is, to be listened to it everyday for several times (the good part of this song is that it reminded me of my cousin in Hyd, ha ha)
2. Kaala chasma (this too reminded me of her as she loves both the songs very very much)
3. A song from Rang de Basanti, which goes like this...lose control, one more time (..I think :D)
4. Last Christmas (Wham)
5. What is love? (Haddaway)
6. It's my life
7. Come Undone
8. Let the music played...goes on like oohh aahh let the music played
9. Right here right now (not the Fatboy Slim's but Bluffmaster's)

etc etc

Tell me, could you bear with this? 6 days a week several times a day


Sundancer said...

hahahaha I sual lutuk vang a hremna anih kha! Tikhan phunnawi lo khan lawm takin ngaithla mai2 rawh, kha ai a nasa khan hrem I ni mai tur asin

Almost Unreal said...

oi,, zak em....hrem hi ka phu lo ngoih2