Friday, March 17, 2006

Do hair have thoughts of their own?

Well, this question popped into my head when I looked at my hair the other day :)..Reason is that I've colored my so often that even my colleagues, who see me everyday, doesn't know the natural color of my hair, ie black. They've often asked me if I was born a natural red/brown haired and I usually laughed it off, thinking that it was a stupid question but may be they weren't really aware of it. I remember, once we played a game, an edited version of a musical chair, lol; the rule of the game was that one person will stand and mention one item from his/her clothing or body and if anyone who are seated, has that with him, have to swap their chair and the last person standing will have to do the same and fight for the chair. It so happened that the person stading said "All those who have black hair", hearing this, I immediately got up from my chair and grabbed the nearest chair available, and that was when all the guys asked (same q.), "Bte, why did you change your seat?, you don't have a black hair" and I have to tell them that I have a natural black hair or else I could lose.

Ok, back to the main subject. It's been 2/3 months that I don't color my hair and I expect the new growth be very black and that my hair to look somewhat funny, but when I looked at my hair in the mirror, it wasn't so black and more or less brown and I don't know what to feel about this, to be shocked or surprise. That was when this question popped up, "Do hair have thoughts of their own?". Maybe my hair doesn't want to show its natural black color, knowing that its gonna get colored again, lol.


Sundancer said...

I sam chu an changkang anih chu, keini mi pangai sam chu chutiang in an awm ve ngai lo

Almost Unreal said...

Ka sam hi a changkan vang poh a ni lova, min tih tauh khum ne ber hian ka hria....thla thar chu dam te a om chuan kan color dum a nge