Saturday, March 25, 2006


The first moment that I come across this picture, I remember the time
when we used to do almost the same thing as a kid. I remember, we used to be in Kolasib, name of the locality is 'Forest veins' where there are still forest nearby to roam around. We used to roam around a lot, full of greens, trees, fresh air, variety of insects..Everything was so exciting. So, we'd used to be in g roups and whenever we come across any of thick gree bushes, we'd just jump over it, not having second though what could happen to us, what kind of sharp twigs, thorns etc is behind those bushes, we'd simply enjoy the thickness and the softness of the bush and that always made our days. I used to think how simple and yet so full of laughter life was in those days.

Everything was wonderful, life was simple, so when you come across something like a different kind of bread, then we all were very very excited about it. In fact, everything was exciting. Sometimes you fight with a friend then make up within a minute or two. I really miss the life in Forest Veng, Kolasib, all the laughter and the love we've shared among our small locality.

When Christmas comes, our community simply celebrate the Christmas together, whatever religion you may belong, you just share the love there. If I could turn back time, I woud surely turn back life to those days.

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