Friday, June 23, 2006


After a fortnigh of holiday, I am now back to Delhi and back to work. I reached Delhi on Tuesday and believe it or not, immediately recieve a call from the office, **sigh**.

Anyway, the vacation was perfect, familys fine (except fopr my aunt a bit weak).

So, I joined back office on Wednesday and things were still the to be achieved...understanding issues...apologies, etc etc..all still remain the same. As I jokingly said to one of my colleagues.."The best part of the holiday was NO 'I understand your issue...' and no apologies" :).

As I have mentioned, I joined on Wednesday and as usual, worked overtime, at first the OT was till 2:30am but then increased to 4:00 am. We left office at 4:05 am and went directly for my drop. I reached home and then after passing some words with my roomie, I went to the kitchedn and started to prepare tea. Thart was when my cell rang and I was quite shock to receive a call at that hour.

When I picked up the phone, it was from office and wonder waht it was about. Then the conversation goes:

"Bte, where are you?"

then I said "Home...why? what is the natter"

Then I heard a sigh of relieg from the other end and then I again asked what that call is about. Then, they ask

"Was Prabhat in your cab?"

Again, I said "Yes" and ask the same question. That was whne they told me that the very cab that just dropped me met an accident and they couldn't contact any of the cab member at that moment.

Later, I called up Prabhat and learnt that the accident took place near the fly over, after the cab turned back. I was relieved to hear that no one was seriously injured.

Just thought of sharing this how lucky I was that night. I feel that God does look after me.

Saturday, June 03, 2006


So, it's my last entry till 20th June (I guess) as I will be saying 'Bye bye' to Delhi and leave for my home sweet home **sigh**.

I am so excited.

At the same time, I am quite scared - scared that my flight will be cancelled, don't want to stuck up in Kol :)

So, some of the good news is that at least least for the next two weeks, I won't be hearing:

- This is your target for today

- You have to meet your target

- Pick mails from WSS, its going OOSL

- Log into your mirrocraft, mails in Yahoo! Locals

- No vai trong

- Not acting as if you are calm when you are burning inside (Americans surely got to my nerve sometimes)

I wish, hope and pray that everyting will be fine.

God, it's been so long....I really miss my Mom and my family.