Saturday, June 03, 2006


So, it's my last entry till 20th June (I guess) as I will be saying 'Bye bye' to Delhi and leave for my home sweet home **sigh**.

I am so excited.

At the same time, I am quite scared - scared that my flight will be cancelled, don't want to stuck up in Kol :)

So, some of the good news is that at least least for the next two weeks, I won't be hearing:

- This is your target for today

- You have to meet your target

- Pick mails from WSS, its going OOSL

- Log into your mirrocraft, mails in Yahoo! Locals

- No vai trong

- Not acting as if you are calm when you are burning inside (Americans surely got to my nerve sometimes)

I wish, hope and pray that everyting will be fine.

God, it's been so long....I really miss my Mom and my family.


illusionaire said...

Van rawn let har tawh em emmmm :-(

Almost Unreal said...

Hei, lam ang ka lo let leh ta e :)

Min ngai mi, lolzzzz

No Hidden Depths said...

van lal parpul eater..
It's easier to say butter than butterfly... intonation thil mai mai maw le...
Thil i lo suspek ami?

No Hidden Depths said...

Hets!! ka tihpalh!! was answering to wonderstorm's comment!

Almost Unreal said...

Naidam, ngaidam

illusionaire said...

You'll have to excuse Uncle Jimmy here. A rui leh tawh aaa...

Almost Unreal said...

Ha ha ha.

Mak thei mange, kan Lalzimmy-a hi chu..."Rui leh tawh aa.." tih reng mai.