Thursday, May 25, 2006


It's 7 in the morning and here I am, sitting in fron of my system, ready to work :D but since the Kana software is down, got nothing to do, I don't know how long this gonna take and so I took this opportunity to make a post.

Ace - that's the name of my new team. It's been 15 months that I have work for IBM and this is already my third team (hope its not changed again). Anyway, the reason of this new team is that, we the SmallBiz group is divided into two teams with a Technical LOB.

Sometimes I used to ask myself, 'Do I deserve this title?' I am not so confident about calling myself a Tech Support but then I the non-tech one (I once handle the non-tech part too), really bores me, it was quite boring. You don't have to use your brain, just give the faq away..easy but very boring. Then, on the tech side, I yused to say to myself 'I am not the one for this job, its not my line' when the porblems are really tough and you have to find a solution for that. Sometimes it took me 30 mins to hmadle one problem but the result of that always gave me satisfaction.

May - I feel that May is the longest and the hottest month in a year, I don't know how I get this feeling but May is not my favorite month. Can't believe that there is still one week left. Had it been other months, we will be stepping into the new month by now., **whew**. We gave our cooler a major repair and works fine now :D. The best part of this month is that it rains frequently that cools down the temperature tremendously - to 35C ha ha..this is just so wonderful. so beautiful to see that this moring (while @virgo slept away)

My tickets are booked and I'll be singing 'Bye bye bye' to Delhi on 4th June :). I am so excited to go home. funny part is that I feel that my colleagues are as excited as I am, knowing that I haven't gone home for a very long time. My much needed break finally comes. God, I am so excited. Looking forward to meet my family, my friends. Can't wait to eat the Mizo food, yummy corn...uuhhhh I am so excited.


virgochhas said...

7 in da morning - i was in dreamland :P

Ace - bleh!....reminds me of Ace Young from AI...yuck

and dont u brag about going home :P :P :P

Sundancer said...

Cooler kha major repair a nei reng mai ni maww...In in chhem tir nasa ltk aniang chu mawle/

Almost Unreal said...

I don't point finger at anyone but I feel someone envied me a lot :) as I'll be going home soon :D

As for Ace, I wasn't very excited about this name either (reminded me of Ace Young too) but then these VAI likes it, so...nothing I can do about it


Cooler mo? A om mai2 mutuk hi om ngaihna hre lovin a ron chhe kual ta vel niin ka hria.

No Hidden Depths said...

Enjoy ur trip.. :)

Almost Unreal said...

Thanks, @no hidden :)
I really look forward to it.

virgochhas said...

envy or no ency...watevaaa...