Friday, February 01, 2008

The first day

My first day as an SME was a great experience.

The moment I entered the floor, I was filled with nervousness. The well wishes come from each and every corner; it felt good but added to my nervousness.

As per the appointment letter, the post was to be affective from 1st Feb but I started my responsibility on that day, which was on 28th Jan.

I was grabbing a system and the ABM jokingly said to me, "You are not suppose to grab a system; your job profile changed" and we all had a good laughed over that.

As usual, there was a team hurdle and I was given a team; it's hard to believe but I am looking after team now. If i say, 'My tram, come here' then a group of ten people would come to me and waited for whatever I have to say. Funny, of all the people, me handling team and tell them what is best for them, lol.

Once the work starts, I got no time for myself; I was called here and there. The day was filled with:

"I cannot understand the customer"

"The customer wanted this, what will be the resolution"

"Please come over and help me"

"The customer is irate; what will I do?"

And it is my responsibility to have resolution or answer to each questions. It was hectic and I really really really need to be patient; not with the customer but with the agent. They could be so dumb sometimes.

Let me talk about one stupid, really stupid resolution I have to give to the customer, which the agent was unable to understand.

The question was like - I have bookmark my email page and now it is gone. How do I check the email sent to "email add."

The resolution was as simple as, "How do i check my Yahoo! email?"

I told the agent, "The customer wants to check this email address, how will he do it"

He looked at me with a blank face and said "There is no resolution". Sigh!

I paraphrased my question and he answered "He cannot do it". Whew!!

I really really started losing my patient here, especially when the shift was about to end and I was quite tired.

Then, after a few more paraphrasing, I finally said, "How do you check your Windows email account?"

He said, "I will go to this..I will click on that...etc etc".

That is what the customer wants; isn't it?

He still gave me that blank look.

Then I said, "That is the resolution, inform that to the customer".

Since then, I have avoided him, hahahaha.

Call me a bad leader but I can't help it.

Bottom line, he is not in my team and even if he do well, no benefits for me.

What I learned on my first day are:

1. I will never wear high heels in the office

2. I can give up my morning walk; my new profile gave me enough exercise

3. I will be losing weight real soon

All in all, I love my new profile and I love my job :)


illusionaire said...
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illusionaire said...

[typo awm, kan comment tha leh mai]

lolz i van in la thu tawh em emmm!!!

Team koh nan pawh, "My team, come here" mai pawh a ti tawh lo. Aw threng tawk in "My TRAM, come here" i ti tawh a ni moooo!!! ROFL!! Pa chhem chhem hle mai!

Almost Unreal said...

hahahah...a la dik lo; ti hian a lom - MY TEAM, COME HERE

sawmpuia said...

May i come in miss :-) i blog a lut tur pawh hian ka rawn dil zel tawh ang ;-)I team a tel ve ka van chak, miss "how to do this, how to do that, how to how" lolzzz

Almost Unreal said...

sawmpui: office-ah poh Bteii tho ka la ni e..nih loh chuan Ralte, lolzzz

kei ni te chu Miss/Sir kan ni ve hlei nem :P

illusionaire said...

eee i typo tun thlengin i la hre lo a ni mo? lolz

Almost Unreal said...

hria e hria eee...tiang khi ka hmang duh lo nih kha..hihihi

Anonymous said...

Heres a small advice from me. Actually, its an advice given to me by my boss when i was elevated at work. It worked for me like a charm.He said....

If you want to be a good team leader, always remember where you came from....dont lose your cool too soon when your team mebers makes mistake because you too were once an unsure newbie one time. always remeber how grateful you were when your senoirs are understanding and helpful. If you treat your team the way you wish you were treated when you were at their level, you will win thier loyalty.

( who would wanna be cooperative with a bitchy boss right?)

congrats and good luck!

Almost Unreal said...

anonymous: thanks for the advice. Yes, I really really need to be patient...and thanks again :)

Jerusha said...

LOL - 'my TRAM' khi ka nui nasa ltk. Ti vel thruai thruai thin la, MY TRAM - come here, gimme a massage one of you, one of you get me a cup of coffee - milk, no sugar - tih vel maw! haha BUt congrats once again. Just go easy on the poor guys, even if they're a little thick :D SME ni ve lo tan chuan khirh ve thin khawp kha :)

azassk said...

i sang tawh ltk a ka man pha ve lo madam:)

Puia said...

Ekhai, hotunu thar kan lo nei reng a ni maw, ka lo se lo alom le.. in khilai tir a va ngai awm ve..momo tal..:) kima'n a ti...:)

Almost Unreal said...

@jerusha: trying my best, lolzz

@azassk: sir, i ngeiom em mai aw

@puia: i lo zin hunah khovela momo tui ber ka lo khilai ang che :P

Kheuhi said...

Ka 'tram' zingah cuan nang leh zompuii kaihhruai in nuam ber lolzz thu in awih ber in hmeltha ber in fel ber chaw in heh ber

Almost Unreal said... e ti raw