Monday, February 25, 2008

My daily routine

1. 7:30 – Opened door for Didi, the maid

2. 7: 31 – Hit back to sack

3. 8:30 – Didi woke me up to tell that her work is done and to lock the door. So got up to lock the door

4. 8:31 – Back to bed to continue my beauty sleep :P

5. 13:00 – Woke up by the annoying alarm bell. Opened my eyes to shut it off

6. 13:15 – Finally work up. Turned on the heater

7. 13:30 – Having tea or coffee while reading Times of India

8. 13:45 – Start cooking, if I feel like it or chat away with Anne and Reuben

9. 14:30 (sometime later than that) – Had my bath and get ready for work

10. 15:15 – Lunch (?)

11. 15:30 – Cab arrived and board the cab

12. 17:00 – Reached office. Either goes to wash room or cafeteria

13. 17:15 – Entered the production floor

14. 17:30 to :45 – Signed in and work starts

15. 17:45 to 2:30 – Its work, work and work; with short and dinner break in between

16. 2:30 to 2:45 – Update agent’s information, the tracker made etc and if there is team hurdle, joined

17. 3:00 – Cab moved

18. 4:00 (or before or 4:10) – Reached home

19. 4:15 – Turn on the computer and stayed online (usually MIRC) while having tea or coffee

20. 5:30 – Clean up my face with rose water, brush my teeth, put on my pjs etc

21. 6:00 – Got to bed

22. Rolled back to No. 1

Tuesday’s my off and so it’s sleeping day for me….

Every Wednesday night is a client call and so extended my shift by 1 hour. Besides this, if there is a client meeting, any training etc, I extended too.

What an exciting life, lolzzz….glad that I am a bit busy to realize all these..hahaha


mnowluck said...

MIRC should be written as mIRC :D

Vampire Vampire! :D

DayDreamBeliever said...

Hehe...schedule chu khat tha tran tran hle mai maw! Mahse i hun i hmang tha a, that's good. Take care.

PS: Ka lo link ve hmiah che a nia ooo

Jerusha said...

lol - dawt i telh deuhin ka hria, I thoh hun hi a dik ka ring lo :P

Puia said...

ekhai, a va ropui thin ve aw.. hetiang tak hian kan hun hmandan te hi set fel thin ila chu nun hi awmze nei takin kan hmang thei ang mawle... zing dar 5:30 ah thawh ngei ngei ka ngai a.. hei ber hi ngaia neih har ka ti ber..:)

E taka, ka dam a, ka tluan chuan Inrinni(1st of march) hian zawlkhawpui ka thlen ka inbeisei. NUam dawn eeee. vawksarep..antram..kuhva, nghal bap bap ang..heheh

Almost Unreal said...

@mnowluck: whatever, whatever..i am not the expert here, lol..nangmah vampire ni turin i bei mek a ni lom ni?

@daydreambeliever: a khat lai tak h i chu ka mut hun lai a nia..hahhaa

@jerusha: hahaha..nge dawt ka telh na??? thudik a ni e..ka thoh hun hi :P

@puia: loh theih lona vang a nih hi hetiang ka hriat thlao, lolzz

azl haw bik chu ka va thik che ve a....voksa, kuhva hring, zongtah etc min lo ei kep don nia

Joseph said...

deuh thlap thlap chuan...

14:30 (sometime later than that) – Had my bath and get ready for work <--- vawt i tih ni deuha i skip deuh zeuh zeuh kha i telh dawn nange... :D j/k

Joseph said...

nice post :-)

Ka blog ah ka link che a, a pawi em lovang chu.

Almost Unreal said...

@joseph: hemi ka post atang chiah hian darkar tin ka hman a, hun in min lo vawn zia hi ka in hrechhuak chauh...chuan min link, thx.

sawmpuia said...

Hetiang a han post hi chuan tlangval ho chu an in line nghal mai ang a :-) In Line tur ka rawn tir vat dawn nia. Zawngtah lawh hunte pawh lo reserve nghal la a tha ang :-)

sawmpuia said...

I daily routine hi ila thlaklo a nih ngat chuan khawvel a fel ber i ni sim sim :-)

Almost Unreal said...

@sawmpui: nia, ron in line tir roh..a hmasa berah khan i ron ding auh si a nge aw..lolzzzz

ka post chhan ber chu hun hian min lo control ltk tih ka in hre chhuak a..ka hun tight leh in chhung lama ka tangkai loh zia te chu a lang reng lom ni?

mccloud said...

Lungngai suh, nangmah chiah inilo ania hetiang hi. Lunch te tal ila ei hman a, a zia khawp alawm le.

Almost Unreal said...

@mccloud: thx for stopping by

nia..ka shift hi a zia lutuk...ohun peih te hi a ngai ve a..mahse shift duh na on tur hi chua..hihiihi..u need a lesson? take it from me