Sunday, March 02, 2008

The innocent divorcee

I was reading the TOI's Matrimonials the other day when this particular ads(?) caught my attention - The innocent divorcee. (Now now now, don't ask me why I checked out the Matrimonials in the first place,'s just a habit *wink*)

Anyway, I've got to admit that I was quite curious when he said "Innocent divorce"; was it that his divorce was never his fault? or was it that he was too young when he got married and that it was not his fault for whatever happened. His height, I do not remember but he is NRI, educated, fair and is working..thats all I could recall.

I sometimes find it a bit funny to describe what kind of person you are looking for. some even include the height. qualification. etc.

A tought came to me; if I am to write my ads in martrimonials, how will I describe myself and decribe the quality of man I am looking for.

Let me try (hihihi..)

Fair (I guess this is a 'must' since everyone says sa *wink*), graduate, working and whatelse? (whew, tougher than I thought) is looking for (the easy part, :P) tall with handsome salary or really really rich guy, great family, great house, great cook, loving, who have eyes only for me, loving, caring etc.

I hope I don't drive the guys away


Joseph said...

haha... when it comes to matrimonial. I still remember (way backkk in middle school days) a poster pasted on Tennis Court Bus Stand in Aizawl, it goes like "Looking for a young mizo girl, beautiful, pretty... " it was from a non-mizo guy.

last month, my girl friend (not gf :P) told me of what she thinks to submit her ads in the matrimonial, just for a joke. then i told her, its not good to do in that way, they'll sue you. LOL.. and i wonder if some of them are just a fake? ...hihi

Almost Unreal said...

@joseph: hahahaha...too bad you did not take a picture of that ad..

Now that you've talked abot ur fiend's thought of submitting her cousin sis used to have the same thought..she said "If I dont't fiond a husband by next year, I will place my ad" hahahaha

claytonia vices said...

These ads have amazing terminologies of their own apart from 'innocent divorcee'. Decent family, five figure salary, smart (when they cannot use the words good-looking/handsome/beautiful), aristocratic family (meaning rich and nothing to do with a royal lineage). And I simply love it when they describe themselves as 'broad-minded/cosmopolitan' and strictly insist on a certain caste and subcaste in the same sentence!!

I am researching for my thesis on martimonial ads in India! LOL!! ;)

I wish to see the day when I get to know an 'indecent family' or a 'guilty divorcee'!

Almost Unreal said...

@clayton: hahahaha..can't wait for you to complete your thesis