Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Say 'Hello' to the new SME

Yup, I've been promoted as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) and I can't help but smile today. I must have done something right.

The announcement was made last night. Since it was my off, I was not aware of the appointment till today. When I board my cab today, one of my cab mates reached out her hand and said "Congratulations!". I was dumb founded and said, 'What for?'

"You are the new SME; you've been appointed"

I did not know what to say and I was really excited about it. I was thinking, 'A promotion, wow!'.

Then Varun added, "I wasn't surprised when your name was announced last last night because I have been expecting this. I would be shocked if your name was not announced". Thanks Varun, I will take that as a compliment and it was really sweet of you to say that.

After hearing the news, I smsed my family and my closest friends, telling them of the good news.

Once of my closest and best friends, SPI, callled me up to congratulate me. She added -
I do not know your job profile but I like the same, it sounds beautiful and great.

Earlier, I got no intention of applying for this post as I just got back from my home, feeling home sick and not ready to work. In fact, I did not bother until Naveen came to me and ask "Have you cleared your first round?"

"For..." was my reply.

"For the SME. Have you gone through the first round?"

Then I told him that I was not interested and that I won't be applying. But he insists that I applied for the post. After sometime, I finally gave in. I was not sure if my application would still be accepted as I was very very late and to my surprise, it was.

The next night was the interview. I was in the middle of handling a case when I was called for the interview. The toughest question was the interviewer (our Sr. Ops Manager) asking me what I do not like about him. Whew..that was tough but I answered him anyway.

I am really thankful to Naveen; had it not been for him, I might still be in the same position.

I am really nervous yet excited of my new profile. I will be leading a team now and come to think of it, I have my team now, eh!

My responsibility is very high now and the team's future is in my hands. I hope I do well and live up to the expectation.

The Ops Manager called me today to congratulate on my appointment to which he added

"I want 10 Bteii from your team; I want each of them to be as good as you" and now I guess you can understand the pressure and the responsibility.

A comment from the ABM (Asst Br. Man) was, "Now, your team's score is your score." A very short remark but says a lot.

As I said, I am nervous and lost my confidence a bit and yes, challenging.

Join me in thanking the almighty and at the same time pray for me so that I do well. I could use all the prayers I can get.


illusionaire said...

Congratsssss!!!! When is the treat? Come over this weekend. Woohoo party! :)

illusionaire said...

nuam dawn lutuksss

Jerusha said...

Congrats unaunu. Rilru leh tih tak zet in ka lawmpui che. I phu ltk. I rawn zin hun a lawm turin khek ang aw!

azassk said...

Congratulation! ka chhuang veh vawh hle mai che...

Almost Unreal said...

@illusionaire: Thank you :)...wil not be able to make it this wekend..why not come over for the party :D

@jerusha: thanks. nia, dam te om chuan ron zin nga, lom tur pah in

@azassk: thx, min lo chhuang hle roh, lolzzzzzzzz

Puia said...

wow. A va ropui ve aw.. awm ila chu vawikhat tal chu ka han paw tur che..:) Kima i lo in puak tir mai dawn nia, a rawn len hunah..oh..kima tih lemah hei pu kima kan tih thin sandman hi mawle..:)

illusionaire said...

eee Pu Puia, nizan chu ku Biteii te Inah kan lawm a, he thil ropui hi. Thlalak vel ka post dawn a mi le ooooo? :-) A phal a ngem le Ku Biteii hian? *grin*

Almost Unreal said...

@puia: puak tir roh tih chu is soi har eee...a ron kal a, tunah chuan a ron leng duh toh opm der si lova..hahaha

@illusionaire: i dingdihlip awt na kha a mi i tih lan duh?, lol

samuelapa said...

Congrats, Miss Ralte....
Kei pawh Ralte bengchheng ka nia...
The toughest QUESTION was the interviewer (our Sr. Ops Manager) asking me what I do not like about him. Whew..that was tough but I answered him anyway.
What was your answer to that QUESTION?

Almost Unreal said...

samuelapa: thank you so much :)

As for the answer, its kind of confidential, y'know never rerveal how you answered your interview questions..hahahahaa. But I am not that stupid to say "I hate your moustache" hahahaha

Almost Unreal said...

chuan Ralte hi kan bengchheng vak lo a nian..hihihi

Puia said...

hehe, hotupa kima chu lo in puak tir la aw..i lo check tlai deuh a ni ka comment.

Hotupa Pu Kima hi chu, a nung chunga hmuh ve ka chak ngawt mai. Ka la tawng fuh ve hlauh mai thei a sin ka vanneih viau chuan..:)

Hei Mizo hming i titha mai a ni lo va, Mizote tan hmasialtu ropui i ni tih kha lo hria la, kan chhuang mai che pawh a ni lo va. Kan ngaihlu em em che a ni...:) keep it up.. Mizo kan ni, kan hmel a tha..:)

Almost Unreal said...

lol..nia, ka lo hmu tlai deuh a ni. Kima chu lo in puak tir dan hram ka lo ngaihtuah ang, lolzz

illusionaire said...

ka pua zo teuhhhhh lo!!!!!!


Almost Unreal said...

illusion: check your Mizo

Ka pua zo teuh lo..makes no sense

Ka paw zo lo tih tur

chuan min paw zo bok, lolzz