Sunday, January 13, 2008

My journey

Where shall I start? hmmmm. Let me start with the day when I suddenly decided to go home.

I was at home when I got a call from Maruati, inviting me to go home. She said, "I don't have money either, we will go by train. Let's go home". Couldn't say No and so it was done.

Left Delhi on 2oth Dec. 2007 and the journey was quite smooth. No, we did not get reservation but we met some guys from place who let us stay with them..and I am still very grategul to them. Reached Aizawl on 23rd Dec. 07. It was grreat to see your family and your dear ones and who are happy to see you too. After reacing home, made necessary phone call; reporting that I have arrived :)

The sky was clear and it was cool and beautiful. As I looked around, it reminded me of the comment made about Mizoram - House built on hillslope and how true that comment is.

It's been a busy week for the rest of my stay. Went for shopping on 24th and bought new shoes :).

Here is the Christmas Cake that we had. I might sound childish but it is a must to have Cristmas Cake, hee hee

Oops, I forgot to take picture of the feast day. It was great. Just as I tought, the pork was great, the beef was excelent and the chutney, vawklu etc were all upto the mark. All in all I give 100 per cent :).

Since it was the year that we lost our aunt, my family made it clear that we are to spend the Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve at their place, which is jsut opposite to my house. So, I did not go anywhere. But spending those eves with your family turned out to be quite fun; sharing laughters, fun, burning crackers etc etc.

After burning those crackers and all the other fireworks, we had Ar Sawhchiar (chicken mixed with rice) and it tastes wonderful. See how we enjoyed ourselves :)

I simply add this pic because he has the same name, Chris :P.


Puia said...

I lo hawn daih vang a nih hi i reh em em te han ti ngawt ila..hehehe. Ni e, krismas lunglen hi chu a mi deh dan a danglam bik a, hawn theih chuan, hawn hram hram a tha khawp mai.. Money lam hi chu a awm ve zel an tia lom..:) Pic ho hian ka lung min len..:)

azassk said...

a ngaihnawm hle mai, a buin publish la chuan Best seller ani hrim hrim ang:-)

pic hnuai ber hi a fuh thlot anih hi:-)

sawmpuia said...

lal jerusha etawt khi lolz :-) I va han hmang tha em em, mi zawng zawng hian super-i entawn tur a ni :-)

Jerusha said...

Huis, luan liam na hi van sang thin em unaunu :P

Almost Unreal said...

@puia: nia haw daih e mo hi chu a lo dang deuh bik a niang

@azassk: a bu a kasiam hunah chuan i release don nia

@sawmpuia: jerushi thlalak i hmu chu i lawm hle mai

@jerusha: kan in la luang liam lok a nih hi..hahahaha

mnowluck said...

hey you missed to mention your motor hahahaha!! and the SMS which u've sent me on DEC>.. SMS ah BEER a thawn theih chuan min lo thawn roh. Hetah um khat ah 250 a nia, "!! tih te.. lolz:D

Almost Unreal said...

hahaha..mnowluck..weren't you the one who said that you will attached beer in your sms?? *wink*