Wednesday, November 29, 2006

In winter...

Have you ever thought how wonderful the following are during winter :

* Staying out in the sun to welcome the warmth of the sun?

* Coffee is such a welcome drink?

* How good a cigrarette taste and kept you warm?

* Tea is still as good as it is during summer? *grin*

* Beer just taste wonderful (as it is in summer) and you cannot get the kick?

* How comforting it is to sleep and cover yourself with a pile of blankets?

* How hard it is to get off the bed?

* How tempting it is to sit by the fire that are lit on the pavement by some watchmen?

* How fresh the vegetables are?

* How hot the chillies are..they just taste wonderful?

All in all, winter is such a wonderful time......I love it

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

For old time sake

As I was talking to a friend today in messenger, he told me that he watched Grease 2 last night and I remeber how much I loved that movie..I watched the movie over and over again...oh..the songs..all the songs and I used to go crazy for Maxwell Caulfield until I learnt that he was married to someone who is 18 years his senior...and they are still cool is that.,,sigh

I searched and found his biography at Here's a picture of Max and his wife-

Now that I have mentioned about Grease 2, we used to sing the songs so much while in hostel. There was this one girl who somehow catch-up the song from us and she used to sing "Cool Rider" like this..

And a hoo hoo ba ha

And a hoo hoo ba ha

In the skanning light in the skanning light

Through and through..woah oh hooo

Haha..we used to sing the same song over and over again. Funny thing about this girl is that she doesn't even know the Lord's Prayer...whoever sits next to her during devotion always burst out laughing as soon as the prayer is over.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

I wish...

I wish that I was taller but seeing some girls still shorter than me with their high heels (while I wore flats :D) makes me realize how fortunate I am to stand as an average

I wish that I have a better job but seeing people suffering so hard to earn a few penny to support their family or themselves makes me realize how fortunate I am to have this job that I dont hate.

I wish that I earn more money but being able to pay my rent, my needs and and being able to buy my mom, my sister, my niece and any of my family some clothes makes me realize that I am quite fortunate.

I wish that I was slim but whenever a discussion about this comes up with my colleagues or friends and them sayng thisng come you girls are always very slim or how do you manage to stay slim? makes me realize that I am not as fat as I thought myself to be. Well, at least I am not fat in their eyes, lol

I wish that my eyes were bigger or more beautiful but someone once told me that he likes my eyes and I don't complain, heh!

I wish that my scars be removed but seeing this girl who has to cover up her neck as well (no matter what the weather may be) makes me realize how lucky I am to get a small scar

I wish that my father was still alive so that I can talk to him and share him my achievement so far..but that's a part of life and I am learning to accept it.

I wish my mom and all of my family live forever but that's being selfish

Wednesday, November 08, 2006