Saturday, August 25, 2007

At home

I finally got the energy to update my blog, eh! Ok, I finally put my laziness aside and update my blog. My apologies to the visitors :).

So, I decided to fill you all up with what happened back home, my home sweet home.

Where shall I start???, Let me start from when I landed at the airport.

I was happy to see my mother at the airport. I kept on sending smss from Kol airport, reminding her of my flight and there she was, waiting for me :), thanks Mom, though I never told you how happy I was to see your face that day.

the best thing about going hoem this time was that no one pressured me to get talk about my marriage, for a change..surprising, whew.

So, everyone noticed that I've gained weight.

"Bte, you've gained weight and you look better. Don't lose weight"

Though I never know if that was a genuine comment or not but I guess its better than to hear "You've gained weight, you look terrible, you need to lose weight"..cos thats the comment I usually get, lol.

Friends stopped by..which was great, I really missed them a lot..more than I thought. I realized how important they are in my life :). I always feel fortunate to have them.

I used to be in shorts, real shorts. So, I wore this shortd one evening and when my aunt sees me, she said,

"Dear, your shorts are too short. Though you used to wear them where you are, its too short for here" no other choice but to change, lolzzzzz.

I ate lots, yes, with all the best stuffs, how can anyone resists. I had corn, Mizo corn, best corn in the world..with its chewy taste *slurp* and the bamboo shoots, the vegetables, etc etc. However, I was unable to have the best chow in the world (hee hee), which is at Buannel. Sad that they have shifted and I do not know where the new loc is.

I had a dinner at my friend's place and I just have to talk about their cat. I have mentioned earlier in my blog how I hated cats and this cat proved how hateful they are..hahahaha.

I was preparing beef and this cat comes to me, seems to be asking for not only a piece but a handfull of if I am going to give him or her. Then I send him away and this cat makes sound like a child who is angry..gosh, how I hated him or her..

A dinner at one of my friends' was great..a simple dinner, as always - eggs, potato, bean leaves, chillies, dal and that makes a good feast.

My only complaint was the rain and the clouds..too much of everything is sometimes hard to bear.

All in all, the holiday was great and beautiful.


sawmpuia said...

Hehe you put on weight becoz of 2 much singing at the bathroom lolz.

Jerusha said...

Keipawh ka haw hnuhnun ber khan ka thil hak an sawisel reng, a chhing/a ban a bul/a awm a zau etc. An lo in la strict thar in ka hria. Tunge a chhing tih sak tu che chu?

illusionaire said...

hehe its good to see you back at the blogosphere :)

Almost Unreal said...

@sawmpuia..hahahhaa, hve u come across this in your research?? if yes, then better stop practicing my vocal, lolzzz

@jerusha: i mother-i ngei mai moleee..mi dang chuan a va chhing ve an ti tho va, mahse i mother-i ber khan "a zia lo em mai, a chhing lutuk...." a tii, lolzzzz. K thlak vang2 :D

*illusionaire..thx :), am glad to be back

azassk said...

I lo haw daih vang anih hi orkut lam pon a reh an tih ni:-)

Almost Unreal said...

azassk: hahahaa...a lo ni thei khp ang..hei kan rik leh luih2 roh hi, lolzzz