Saturday, November 17, 2007

My Room!!!

A view from my balcony

My bed, that I am so proud of :)

View from inside

My ID, my cell phone and yes, I was in the middle of writing a letter :P, orange cream biscuit (:D) and my shoes

And this is me inside my room

Monday, November 05, 2007

ChakDe! India

Of late I watched ChakDe! India the other day and I must say that it is a "Must See" movie.

We must have all know what the movie is about so I will not go in depth of the movie. Anyway, it starts with a hockey match between India and Pakistan and Kabir Khan (SRK) was the captain. At the very last moment, India won a penalty but lost. A photographer shot a picture of the Indian Captain, Kabir, congratulating the Pakistan team. That's when the controversial occur, that Kabir sold his team to Pakistan. I wonder that had it been real life, won't it be just a matter of courtesy?

After 7 years, the India Women Hockey team was formed from different states, including Manipur and Mizoram. Yes, this film shows how culturally rich India is. And it shows how the Central Indian (Vai) sees people from North-East, South. I won't be talking about racial slur here 'cos the movie tells it all.

I just want to point out a line that we never see in other Bollywood movies that is a hidden homour.

There was this girl called Komal who called everyone "Didi, Didi" during the match which confused the coaches. The hillariuos part was when the UK Coach made a comment and says

"I am confused; which one is Didi?"

That was priceless. The kind of hidden humour you never find in Hindi movies 'cos in mostly their expression will always tell you that you are supposed to laugh at the particular line. And it was never funny.