Saturday, November 17, 2007

My Room!!!

A view from my balcony

My bed, that I am so proud of :)

View from inside

My ID, my cell phone and yes, I was in the middle of writing a letter :P, orange cream biscuit (:D) and my shoes

And this is me inside my room


sawmpuia said...

van nawm hmel em em..pasal chiah i mamawh tawh. I van hausa em em.

Jerusha said...

I khum hi nei mai teh, I khum vangin khaw dang a insawn pawh I thrulh phah hial ania!

mnowluck said...

Ur Photo on ur ID is wow! XXL size.. heheheh..

Even ur mobile is XXL...
and ur room is neat! :)

azassk said...

nula mahni puala khum nei i lo nih takah hian kan chhuang hle mai che:-)

Almost Unreal said...

@sawmpui...ngei om thei em mai maw. pasal min zon saktu ber tur lah hian list i nei tlem ropui si, lol

@jerusha..ka khum hi ka chhuang a nia..hahahaa...trankai em, bungraw tinreng keng khom tu, ka khum :P. Ka rn in son huan poh ka rn pem pui mai thei ni...chuvnag chuan min lo hmuah khan lo in ready nasa ang che u :))

@mnowluck: thx..i van lo en chik nasa ve..:P, and I hate the size..even before we were assigned the ID

and my mobile is not XXL..hahahha

and I try to keep my room neat :)

@azassk: van ngeiomthiam tak..hahaha...ka khum hi ka chapo pui nia

illusionaire said...

I prefer your soon-to-be room than this current one! *grin*

Zorun said...

A nawm hmel tak hle mai a, U B-tei room chu..:) chaw eia min sawm hunah min en tir ve zuai rawh ouch..:)

Almost Unreal said...

@illusionaire: wait till you hear the rules and regulations once I am there *wink*

@Zorun: teh renggggg mai...i fang don nia :P

illusionaire said...

Sorry, people who are scared of tremors aren't allowed to be my roomie :-P

Almost Unreal said...

i'll have to rethink having someone who is too confused if there is a tremor as a roommate :D