Sunday, December 02, 2007

Good things in life

I've been doing a lot of thinking these days - why do we live?, why is this happening to me? etc etc and then I looked at it the other way. What are the good things in life and so I was able to come up with a few lists

1. Family: Each day I realized how importance of family

2. Having friends to rely on

3. Having friends who will always listen to your crap: Especially when you are down

4. Having a good appetite: I’ve realized how valuable this is after losing my appetite these days; I’ve forced myself to take medicine to have my appetite back

5. Being able to hurt: It hurts but it is a memory

6. Having a sound sleep: After having a very very good sleep today, it makes me feel great

7. Falling in love: Makes a person out of you

8. Earning your bread: This gives you confidence

9. Being able to see: to see beauty of nature, beautiful clothes and of course cute guys, lol

10. Being able to hear

11. Being able to cry

12. Being able to laugh

13. Having roof over your head

14. Putting on warm clothes or cover yourself with blankets to do away with the cold

15. Cell phone, lol..

and the list goes on and on

………and BEER!! Hahahaha….


illusionaire said...

Of course how can you leave out beer!!!! or Has beer been replaced by something else lately? lolz.

You also forgot to mention a handsome reliable future roomie as the best thing in life. Heehaawww.

Puia said...

Kima of beer tih mai chi a nih hi a..lolzzz..

tak takin i sawi ho hi a dik khawp mai. Cell Phone tello erawh chuan kum kha leh chen ka lo awm ve tawh a, a lo hian ka awm thei khawp mai. Bill kan save ni mai a..:)

sawmpuia said...

Nia a sawi hi a dik em em vek a ni :-)

Almost Unreal said...

@illusionaire: nothing will replace beer..heehee

btw, have you stopped your treatment..koff..let me correct myself, appointment? *wink*

@puia: kheema of beer, eh

cell phone chu an om takah hian a lo hian om hi a lo harsa reuh a ni, :P

@sawmpui: i zinna ramah chuan an lo khoihbuai em lo che maw? lol

azassk said...

ava han fin thlak em!encyclopedia tenau ani ringawt:-)

mnowluck said...

True so true.. but the last one isn't quite true to me.. to me beer is not very good though!. LOLz.....I hate beer bellies

sawmpuia said...

tibuailo e :-) I blog en hi chu nia finna tamtak kan chhar hi a ni ngawt zel a.

bteii ralte said...

@azassk: ngei om suh zongtrah kha rn thon la ni mai, lol

@mnowluck: am not talking about the belly here...just beer..hee hee

@sawmpuia: i om na kha a ral muan loh em kha, thaw dep2 roh