Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Masala Mix

I have been quite busy these days that I hardly have time to visit any blog. Yesterday I looked at my blog and I was quite shocked to see the number of posts for this month.

I don’t know what kept me so busy to neglect my blog so much. Well, one thing is work, second got to be..ummm..movies and third the internet. Besides this, I guess it is the excitement of going home for Christmas that made me neglect my blog or any other blog. However, I am still quite active in
Lawrkawm and Buannel

To my surprise, I really love working here..I love the work and I simply love working here. The only thing I hate here is the infamous transport. Besides my issues with them, I hate the amount of time I spent on the cab. Like most of BPOs agent, I listened to radio a lot. Yes, in cab we hardly listened to English songs; it’s Hindi songs all the way. If an English song comes up, whoever sits in front will immediately change the station. And the only time you have the chance to listen to English number is when Akon, Shakira and Blue are played. I am not exaggerating here but it is. I remember the time while I was still in IBM. There was this new joinee. We boarded the cab and the driver was I think a Nepali or a non-north Indian. I was enjoying the songs played in the radio, old English numbers. Then this new guy who was sitting in front suddenly changed the station. I was so pissed off but didn’t say a thing. But the most amazing thing happened; the driver changed the station back to the one I was listening to, without saying a word. I couldn’t help but smile all the way all the way.

Listening to radio everyday sure makes you aware of the different stations. Like some station’s theme:

Number vaaaannnnnn

Radio One, Radio One, FM 94.3

Then there is this not so beautiful one – 92.7 FM something like that, I don’t remember.

My favorite one is:

Red FM, Red FM, 93.5

I love the tune and the music.

I have been watching Heroes these days and I really really love the it. I dream, sleep and eat Heroes. My mind is filled with Peter Petrelli, Sylar, Hiro Nakamura, Nathan, Dr. Suresh, “Frying man” (Flying man), “You are a virrain (villain)”, “Save the cheerleader, save the world” and more. And Peter Petrelli had become so hot in the season 2. What’s so sexy about Peter in the second season is his new found confidence and yes, of course, his power.

I asked my roommates, ‘’If you can have the power, whose will you choose?” and like kids, we were choosing whose power we want, lolzzz and when the tree of us are beyond our 25 yrs.
Anyway, my one question in Heroes is how Sylar flew. Sylar have his power by killing that person and took their power. But Sylar flew once, remember? When the FBI (the girl) and Parkman ran after him.
I come in peace

Christmas is so near and I can’t believe that I will be leaving for home day after tomorrow. This is like a dream, gosh, can’t wait to go home. I have been longing to be with my family during Christmas and I am going to this year, by God’s grace. And yes, I will be meeting someone, eh!

And last but not the leaset, here's a new picture a
friend send me the other day :)

..and I'll be home for Christmas :)


sawmpuia said...

Ngun tak a ka chhut hian a thu han tarlan te hian takna enge maw tak nei ni in ka hria :-)

illusionaire said...

eee when are you going home? Rawn sawi pawh i rawn sawi ve duhlo a maw... hre rei viau ang... Grrrr....

Nia, radio hi chu channel tha ngaihthlak chuan a tha ve hlawm lutuk. Hmanah, car ka neih ve thin lai khan, Pune thleng kan drive a, mahse CD tuman kan lo keng lova! Chuan radio kan ngaihthla quit! A area a zir in a hla chu a tha. lolz. Achang chuan local tawk, chuan hmun ropui deuh kan thleng chu, Hindi a rawn nia, chuan khawchhung kan lut chiah chu, english. haha.

when the three of us are beyond our 25 yrs

uh... ummm... psstt... errmm... sawi leh lo mai ang *WIDE GRIN*

Almost Unreal said...

@sawmpuia: haha..i va han ngeiom tak. I seminar papaer present hi chapo pui om reng a ni e..ka hre thiam e :P

@illusionaire: I am leaving tomorrow :)

Didn't your girl tell you??? I tried to come on Sunday but I was too busy at the airport so couldn't make it. I even smsed your girl that I wont be able to make it.

Puia said...

dam thin maw, tunlai i vang hle mai..kawng hrang hrangah..:)

Almost Unreal said...

puia, dam a lom..nang a lom le vang. Tun Christmas chu in lamah ka han hmagn ve a :)

Jerusha said...

Why is it that every time I look at "sexy" Peter, I think of cancer and dying?! I think he looks like a cancer patient, or someone who just had a mild stint with chemotherapy..

Almost Unreal said...

jerusha, you hve confirmed our different taste in men, hee hee