Saturday, October 11, 2008

I used to take it for granted

After being bed-ridden for four days, I am finally up now. I had been blessed with health and I do not know the meaning of being really sick. Except for some cold with fever and menstrual pain, I never take medicine. I always guess I was always the lucky one.

Then last Thursday (2nd Oct., 2008), I felt really tired when I woke up and I wanted to just sleep the day away. Not knowing what the viral cause to my body, I got ready for work anyway. And yes, I did go to the Office hoping that I would get better once I reach there. Then, I prove myself wrong; my situation got worse and I could hardly keep my eyes open.

After sometime, I finally talked to my ABM and request him to arrange a cab for me. After a 15 minutes (the longest ever), I was finally on my way back to my house. Once I reached my room, I just collapsed on my bean bag. Then after an hour or so, I saw my sister next to me, calling me. I could hardly open my eyes.

I was so darn tired and the energy inside me was completely sucked out. I hardly moved out from my room, unless really really required.

Anyway, I am back to the Office and I am getting better day by day though not yet fully fit. The good thing is that I have not yet smoked for the last 6 days which, I guess, is a sign that I have not fully recovered :D

While I was lying on my sick bed, I realize how it was like to be healthy. I was blessed with good health which I used to take it for granted. And the health that I used to enjoy was priceless – appetite, good sleep, enthusiasm, energy etc which were taken away.

Now I am recovering and count each day as a new blessing.


Naupang^Fel said...

Good to hear that you are back on track.

"Except for some cold with fever and menstrual pain, I never take medicine."

I don't take tablets for menstrual pain as well :P

ThaiBoy said...

ka nau; sik lehsa a inthlak lai ania, fimkhur rawh.chhun khawlum leh zan khawvawt i tuarlo anih kha.Meizial chu nghei hlen hlauh rawh.

DayDreamBeliever said...

ohooo, I'm sorry to hear that. Hope you're feeling better now. I had a bout with viral fever a few months back, and o boy, did it make me weak! The good side to all of this is, it makes one think of all the blessings that one takes for granted :)

Henry said...

get well soon lady

dam vat2 roh :)


azassk said...

i lo dam lo reng a, ava zia lo

illusionaire said...

Glad to know you are recovering. I hope Matea came to look after you. If he didnt he has a lot to answer to me when I get there :)

Take good care of your health. Don't worry about over-time or money, health is the most important factor here. I pray for you.

luliana said...

Han damloh chiah hian..dam ver vawr a mut bawrh bawrh nawm zia te hi ka hrechhuak uar uar zel :)

wonderboy said...

Dam loh hian dam hlut zia leh malsawmna chhiar sen loh kan dawn nasat zia hi a chiang uarh2 zel. I dam tawh a a lawmawm e.

Viral disease dam leh thei chi a ni hlauh a a tha viau e :D

Almost Unreal said...

@naupang^fel: yup..though my enery had been sucked away but I am recovering :)..and how could you not take pills on mens? lol

@thaiboy: nia..nih te poh a nia ven chu ngai khop mai

@daydreambeliever: its had to believe how it makes you weak..even after I joined office back, I had to hold onto something while walking around. Yup, it does makes me realilze how fortunate I am and was

@henry: thx..ka tha toh ltk e :)

Almost Unreal said...

@azassk: lalinduhberborpa, lo dam lo reng e mo le

@illusionaire: thanks for the prayer :)

@luliana: i ti dik ltk...damloha mut ai chuan dam tha taka mut hi a lo nuam ber mai, lol

@wonderboy: nia, ve tur renga kan ngaih hi a lo dik ber thin lo...chuan fever a lom, lol

Michael Fanai said...

i na der chiang ltkkkkkkkkkk

Jerusha said...

Ee..I dam lo tih rere ka lo hre lo a. Rawn sawi ve tur che lawm le aw..mahse I zia leh tawh chuan a lawmawm e. Meizial kha zu lo zawm la, ni 6 lai i zuk loh toh tho chuan a ti awl ang, kei[poh ghei ka duh ltkkk ka hne ngawih2, thra lo si, poisa hek si. Uak hi ni ringawt!

Shahnaz Kimi said...

ever heard of burn out syndrome.....sounds like one...take a vacation....

Tina said...

Just wanted to say that I hope you are feeling better.

thinchhia said...

Ti nge min ron hmasa lova ilo damloh lolz
nia, ani ngot a sin han dam vang hi chuan a tur ve rengah hian kan ngai thin a,kan dam vangte hian lawmthu sawi mawlh2 hi ka'n BAT ah ka ngai.

Almost Unreal said...

@michael: bleh..i purun sen zakhnuai dah a nih chu

@jerusha: dam lo e mo le...han soi kual tur ka zoi turu ltk a. meizial chu hei ka zu leh ta :D

@shahnaz: never heard of it...could be and thx for the suggestion

Almost Unreal said...

@tina: thanks...I am feeling better now :)

@thinchhia: ka thiam loh a ni..phalna ka la lova, lolzz