Saturday, July 15, 2006

In a chat room

Following is sent to me by sundanc.. while in chat room. I happened to like it so much that I saved it and I recently discover this among my files. Thought of sharing with you:

walker97: but i belive jesus said its better to poker you eye out then look at naked woman

walker97: or somthing like that

walker97: and he rose your man levis from the dead beacuse he was a good christian i believe

walker97: so if you dont look at naked women and you follow levis paths you should be good, amen

walker97: pretty much what its sayin brothers and sisters if you watch porn you need to pluck out ur eyes

walker97: u gotta pluk

walker97: and also follow what levis did

walker97: cause whatever he did jesus made him alive again

walker97: i think

walker97: i dunno but there was a dude in a tree...

walker97: i think he jumped on jesus when he was walking buy and he made him a disciple

walker97: i dunno what else that guy did but u should follow his ways cause jesus liked h

walker97: he likes people who fish too

walker97: except one guy he made a whale eat one guy i dunno who that was

walker97: but he was evil so he had the whale eat him

walker97: and he fed 5000 people with 2loafs of bread one time

walker97: cause he liked them

walker97: you should see what they did also

walker97: and one disciple got his ear chopped off defending jesus

walker97: and one said he wouldnt deny him as the lord and a rosster crowed 3 times and he did

walker97: and one dude hung himself im not sure why but i think he stole silver

walker97: and jesus said he couldnt come to heaven

walker97: so dont do what he did

walker97: but one of them was able to walk on water

walker97: jesus gave power to one man to walk on the ocean

walker97: he was a fisherman

walker97: he might have been lookin for the whale that ate hid friend i dont know

:mi 1 in a lo soisel deuh a
: then you preach inm trying my best a ti

walker97: k let me continue

walker97: so anyways jesus fought withe the romans

walker97: and died for 3 days

walker97: and he came back to life

walker97: and his friend peter saw him and got scared

walker97: he told his sisters about it and they didnt believe him

walker97: but they came down to the tomb and he was standing there

walker97: and then he left

walker97: and thats pretty much matthew

: genesis kan soi leh ang e ati e
: matthew a zo chiah a

walker97: god made the heavens and the earth in the begining

walker97: and then he made oceans and animals

walker97: and on the 7th day he made a man

walker97: he named him adam

walker97: and he liked him

walker97: so follow his ways

walker97: but then he made him a woman

walker97: and she messed everything up

walker97: she ate one of gods apples

walker97: and he got mad and made them naked

walker97: then they had to eat the animals

walker97: to survive

walker97: and then they had to leave the garden of eden

walker97: and then god told them they were wicked and he was going to flood the earth

walker97: damn muslims

walker97: they should have heard my sermon i would have them convereted


Sundancer said...

haha I lo la save elaw.. I titha, ka lo theihnghilh leh tawh a, ka nui leh nghal char2 tawh!

Almost Unreal said...

Thra em lom he thil hi chu..dah thrat tlat tur hi ni top mai

virgochhas said...

levis is lazzarus?


kha pa kha a mawl lian a nih kha...

Jerusha hmuh chhuah awm reng a ni

:P :D

Sundancer said...

Pawngi, ka hmuhchuah awm reng pawh nise in hlimpui dun hawr2 em kha aw, lawmthu min hrilh ta che! lol

Almost Unreal said...

In sual suh u

In la inkom leh duh ang :))

Anonymous said...

ka riliru a hah vang nge ka mawl vang ka nuih a za miah lo nia. hehehehe

Anonymous said...

anonymous kha keimah chaltlang hmeltha seih suih i ka nih kha.

Almost Unreal said...

Hmelthra seih suih nu....

I in thin harh deuh hlek a ngai nih chu....

Kha ti te chuan i thi mai ang...kan la ui che

Anonymous said...

oii ka thil ton ang hi tong ve la i nui thei bik lo ang, but don't worry i'll survive,this too shall pass
hmeltha seih suih -i

illusionaire said...

chat peih hmel mai mai...

Almost Unreal said...

chat ai chuan ....i in hlan thei em?