Tuesday, August 08, 2006

If I could turn back time

I often asked this question to myself......If I could turn back time, which part of my life do I want to turn back?

Is it my college days? - I had so much fun and great momories of those days
Or, is it my junior college days? as I had so many experiences in those days
Or, my school days?, H/S, M/S..

Then the answer came and knew that there could not a moment greater than my childhood days.

When I was still a kid, everday brought a new excitement into my life...

My first day in school - That was St, Maria Gorattis School, Kolasib. My day was posted in Kolasib those days. I remember the first day of school..our class Nursery (wow, hard to believe I once was in Nursery), we were kept inside our classroom and our mothers were waiting outsite. Then everyone in my class started to cry...except me :) and I was wondering what they cried about... I just couldn't understand why they cried....even till today, I havn't figured out good enough reason to cry on the first day of shcool. Since it was a Catholic shcool, maybe my classmates were afraid of the sight od he sisters, with their head covered. Sweets were distributed.

Oh, now that I have mentioned sweet, I just remember my friend, Lalkuki, put a sweet (which was a small round multi colored sweet) inside her nose and couldn't take it out. After several desperate unsuccessful attempt, she started to cry and then Sir Ni-a (if I am not mistaken) took her to the hospital. But luckily on their way, the sweet came out by itself, whew, it was a the talk of the school that day.

My first books - I remember how excited I was when I actually took home my school books for the first time. There were around 5/6 books and one big coloring book. On the way home, I just couldn't resist looking at that drawing book that I took it out from my bag which my sisters told me not to, and when I tried to put it back, I wasn't able to do so. After much attempt, I had to asked my sister to help me and who helped me with the 'I told you so' written over her face.

Class over - Everyday, right after class, I ran home immediately so that I can meet my mother. God, how exiting it was to see my mother's cheerful face right after school. It was ans still is one of the most beautiful sights.

Then after school you finish your homework and its playtime and 'pawnto'. I dont see kind these days doing the pawnto...sad, they surely missed out the best times of childhood.

Then, winter starts or as we used to call it, the '....ber' month came and we felt that we could actually feel/smell Christmas in the air. Everyday, right after shcool we used to watch out for the flowering of a certain grass called tlangsam (I think) and started couting the day when Chrismas will come...gosh..it was exciting 8->

Then Christmas finally came and on Chrismas Eve, we tried our best to stay up the whole night but always failed. Since we live in a small commutnity, called 'Forest Veng' those days, we always celebrated Christmas at our house, being the biggest quarter around and we all spend Chrismas together no matter to which denomination you belong to. The elder ones sang Christmas the whole night and we used to play outsite, a big fire lighted outsite.

If I could turn back those Christmas days, I would do anything.

I want to go back to the time when...

Decisions were made by going
Father has a donkey,
Donkey dies, father dies

Mistakes were corrected
by simply exclaiming, "do over!"

"Race issue" meant arguing
about who ran the fastest.

Money issues were handled by whoever
was the banker in "Monopoly."

Catching the fireflies or phingphihlip could
happily occupy an entire evening.

It wasn't odd to have two
or three "best" friends.

Being old referred to anyone over 20.

The worst thing you could catch
from the opposite sex was cooties.

It was magic when dad
would "remove" his thumb.

Having a weapon in school meant
being caught with a slingshot.

Nobody was prettier than Mom.

When you feel that your parents could not make a single mistake
Like slipping or fall from stair etc

Scrapes and bruises
were kissed and made better.

Abilities were discovered because
of a "double-dog-dare."

Saturday morning cartoons weren't
30-minute ads for action figures.

No shopping trip was complete,
unless a new toy was brought home.

made perfect sense.

Spinning around, getting dizzy and
falling down was cause for giggles.

The worst embarrassment was being
picked last for a team.

War was a card game.

Water balloons were
the ultimate weapons.

Taking drugs meant
orange-flavored chewable aspirin.

Ice cream was considered
a basic food group.

Older siblings were the worst tormentors,
but also the fiercest protectors.


illusionaire said...

Aqua sak "if only I could turn back the time" tih kha nalh i ti em? i post nen hian a in hmeh lutuk... Ka PC atrangin lo browse ta i la chu, ka hla kha a background ah ka play ang, ka chhiar chhung in :-)

Almost Unreal said...

Nalh ti e, ka duh thei ropui :D

Background music-a dah turin a file ka nei lo..lo dah ta che :P

Sundancer said...

Lalkuk-i hnar a tang ang chu ka hre mai, chatuan sweet ang kha mi?

Almost Unreal said...

haha...ni lo

Chatuan sweet te chu a len em kha. Kha sweet mum te2, rong chi hrang2 om thrin kha