Sunday, August 27, 2006

Yahoo! Answers

So, I've heard that they say that Yahoo! Answers is a total failure....well, not for me anyway.

It's not that I asked questions but love answering them :P. When I logged into Yahoo! Answers, I always prefer answering from the Yahoo! Products category and get the answers from the Help page and usually get a vote for Best Answer which earns me extra 10 points. But then, while I was in Yahoo!Answers last night, I was surprised to see the following questions in the Yahoo! Products categories (could it be that these guys dont check where they post their questions?..I wonder)

If you wear a skirt what is the length that u preferd? (this question was asked on PHP category :))

What is my Indian name?

Who is oldest in the world?

Can you recommend a good cigar for me to try. I want something nice and mild and aromatic.?

Where can i get discount coupons for Cedar Pointe Amusement Park in Sandusky Ohio?

How many of you guys out there have a girls' avatar, and why?

What is the name of a jewllary collection site ? gold? diamond?

And my favorite question:

What is up with those forwards in which they send you a picture and tell u to forward it to people or you die? :))


virgochhas said...

i swear am scared of those emails :D

and hey, lady....u used to send those kind of SMS...sala


Almost Unreal said...


When was that???

Refresh my memory


virgochhas said...

hahahahha...i swear...stop sending those SMS' lolz...

scares me like shit...

and y'know wat...if itz an email, itz easy to forward...but SMS???...wat do i do wen u send me those and i dnt haf balance in my phone to forward da msg

suxxx big time

:P :D

Sundancer said...

Unreal = biggest Yahoo Answers fan! I've asked a question only once 'Where in Hyderabad can I find a good magic shop?' Some guy told me about magic schools in another continent..
Anyway, if Yahoo-ers don't like it, who would? And Unreal is very much an Yahoo-er!

illusionaire said...

Nang leh "Yahoo! Answers" hi chu oooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! Chhas lam a beidawng vang mai in hetiang i tih kher a ngai lo. Thil dang tih tur a tam mai...

Almost Unreal said...

@virgo...I hated those SMS too but got no other choice....needed them to be forward to you, hahhaha...sorry...hope I dont receive such SMS again *GRIN*

@sundancer..that what makes this service so much fun :D. for chhas..dont count yourself out, cos kan beidong tlangin ka hria :P

No Hidden Depths said...

So, I've heard that they say that Yahoo! Answers is a total failure....
You're not hinting *grinssss*

Almost Unreal said...

@nohidden...not a hint...its just a comment made by some ppl, or shall I say one person. Sould've change the line :P