Saturday, September 02, 2006


I have been thinking how life has changes.

Ok, so I do not have momory of my infant, but then I remember my after a m 3 (I believe)

Since my sisters already attended schools, I used to stay home with my mom who used to weave those days. I'd lye around her tools and got nothing better to do. Though my friends has not yet attended schools, we were still too young to play outsite alone. So, all we could do was stay home the whole day, eagerly waiting for our elders to come home from school.

Now that I've mentioned life in Kolasib, I remember when I and Lalkuki (lol) smoked several Mizo cigarettes (zozial). Her mother used to prepare those zozial and used to sell them. Those days, I believe there used to be 12 or more in one package and cost Re.1. It so happened that Lalkuki and I were alone in their house and started smoking those zozial. I cannot recall the number of sticks I have taken but all I remember was that we were very very high from that tobacco that we could not even light anymore though we tried really hard. Funny...I still remeber that dizziness so well.

Then we were caught. Since we find it so hard to light one more (we smoked inside the room), we shifted near the door. After mauch attempt, we failed miserably. That was when we realized that our mothers were watching the whole scene and waiting for us to give up.

After that, all I could remember was my mother taking me home and the next thing I know was that I was sleeping next to my grandmother who took care of me the whole time. No one scolded us for that incident but my father loved making joke out of that.

(Opps..need to go..will continue with this flashback)


virgochhas said...

y'know, i dont blame can anyone have *momory*???? lolzzz

wat is a *momory*


typos hmu thei bok ah...kan hmuh ve hlauh chuh!

jak angggg


Sundancer said...

momory = momo hriat rengna! Momo heh ho chuan memory an nei lo a, momory an nei alawm.

Almost Unreal said...


Kan check hman lo chu poi kher hmu khanglang

Momo te chu tui eee

virgo, il o len leh hunah (a hun a zirin...means mot the usual late in the night *GRIN*), khovela momo tui ber ka lo ei pui ang che

sundancer chu a momo lei tui lo thei em lom :P

Anonymous said...

savawm savawm savawm-->i can see you have gained some kilos,i hmel tha ser sur lutuk.
hetia i ziah vel takah chuan thil ka hriat chhuah chu jerushahsinghi nen khuma zawhte var lianpui in lo mutpui ve nasat mai kha.

Almost Unreal said...

lopar...savawm..*slurp*..just love it :D

Yeah, I had gained lots and lots of weight..dnt know wht I m gonna do about it :(

claytonia vices said...

Well, that takes the cake for an early start! :-)