Monday, September 18, 2006

My Weekend

Thought of blurting out how I spend my Saturday...somehow funny.

I took an unnecessary leave on Saturday....reason - Have to go to airport...blah blah blah (all crap).

So, I slept during the day and I felt quite weak. I was asked whether I wanted to go out or not which I decline. I stayed home, of course.

Stayed home doing nothing special - watching TV, hoping for a good program to show up. Then I started to cook. A friend called quite mad at me for not telling him that I was free (bleh). I cooked and continue to watch TV. Finally cooked rice at around 3 AM and me and my room mate had our dinner (?).

I was a bit sleepy but my thoughts were like - Since I am suppose to go to office at night, I will sleep during the day, at usual time (10:30m - 11). So, I started cleaning up the house.

Then, continue to watch TV. I was so bored with TV, I sarted reading - Realm of became pretty interesting and so I read on and on.

Then come 11:00 AM and told myself 'Just one more chapter' and contimue. Then 12 noon finally come aqnd thinking that I am to get up at around 17:30, I closed the book, put down my glass and and closed my eyes.

After tht, I tossed, turned....wheww...why is so hard to fall asleep. Then I looked at the time from my cell and it was almost one. Knowing how limited time I have, I gave another effort...aaahhhhh...all my sides hurts now...gawd..what am I gonna do at work???

Finally at 2, I started to feel sleepy and would've dozzed off by 2:30.

Then, I heard that irritating sound of my alarm ....uuuggghhhh....I need more sleep :((. So, I thought just another 30 mins...but before that 30 mins up, I got a phone call. The call was from my sister's colleague who brought my room curtain. I got up and went for usual evening walk.

After reaching home from my walk, head to the bathroom to have my bath. To my horror, I found the two sheets which I kept for washing...huh...

So, after everythuing done, I took bath and then went out from the bathroom. Then I checked the time. That was when I realized that I set the alarm set at 15:30 and not 19:30....gggrrrrrrrrr...this is crazy. If I am to go back to sleep, then its a bi late and too early to dress up for office. Luckily, my roommate was up and we chat for sometimes...then I continue reading the novel again.

So, when 19:30 comes, I had some noodles and then I dressed up. Then I waited for my cab and wait and wait....then comes 21:00. I thought that I should've had my pick up by now. So I called up one of my regular cab mates and asked about the cab..then called up the office.

It was 21:20 by that time and then I was told that the cab was late and so I must wait...when I secretly wished that the cab left without me. At around 21:40, the cab finally came....2 more pickup nearby...then head to the office.

Reached office bt 22:50...wheh..what a day/night....luckily there's no much work tonight and so no probs in dozzing off. That's the best part of going to office on weekends - no work :)


Sundancer said...

Muthilh theih loh te hi malsawmna chi khat ah ka ngai tawh keichu. Mut tui chuan chaw ei tui a hring a, chu chuan weight gain ahring leh a. Mut tlem/tui loh chuan chaw ei te tui lo a, cher lam kawng!

Almost Unreal said...

Muthilh theih loh chu zoi nghulh na

Mut theih loh chu hah na, hmai bawl na, thu na, lol

J, J, a & m said...

Thanks for your nice comments about my blog. Yours is very elegant as well. Thanks!