Thursday, September 21, 2006

I will never agree with the world

I wonder if the beauty/fashion world gone crazy to say that this woman is beautiful..duh!! I will never ever ever agree with this. Take a close look at the pics and tell me what is good there....eyes - very wide and there is nothing there. Lips - Again, too wide plus she did a bottox too. Her chin - too thick....the combination of her face struction, eyes, nose, lips, etc etc does not work at all.

What's your opinion?


Sundancer said...

hahaha the second pic's a bomb! Have you seen that pic of hers (or was it you who showed it to me??) where she had that little pokey-thing sticking out thru her itsy bitsy bikini bottom...I wonder what that was??
I agree with you and not with the world! Blech! I don't see anything in her..

illusionaire said...

Saw this same pic on TV last nite. Hmelchhia ka tih teh mai a nia!