Saturday, September 23, 2006

"Vote for me"

I have come across once too many times the ad for Miss World - Vote for me. In the ads, you see several beatiful women who is asking for your vote. I always see this black woman, jumping and saying "Vote for me"...sounds so stupid and dumb.

What happen to the beauty with brains?

I believe that this "Vote for me" Miss World title started from last year. Even last year, I wondered whose idea it was for this voting thing.

Last year, do you remember the final question asked to the Korean. She's beautiful, sweet and could've been crowned the Miss World. But how she handled her final question.....whew.....

If I am not mistaken, I think she was asked "What will you do if you become Miss World?" or something like that.

Then she said, "If I become Miss World,.." then smile sweetly...."If I become Miss World...." smile sweetly again..then again ...."If I become Miss World...." and dont remember how she finally finish her answer. I think she could recall a few sentences that she had by-hearted earlier. Yes, she is Asian and I was hoping that she'd win.

I miss those old days when the Miss World was still beauty with brains. I still remember when Aishwaria Rai becomes the Miss World 1994. I was in hostel and we were allowed to watch the show. The confidence, the intelligence sure shine out.


illusionaire said...

you're dead!!!! you are so so so dead!!!! you and Jerusha. Don't act like you don't know anything. Just wait.....

Sundancer said...

LMFAO - what the hell's this guy on about Unreal, any idea???
We seem to have done something to displease him :-)

Almost Unreal said...
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Almost Unreal said...

@illusion, what's wrong? Mad at me? but why?

@sundancer, I have no idea what we could've possibly done to make him so mad..

Could it be that I posted Ash's pic?



illusionaire said...

wait and see dearies. illusionaire is going to strike back when you least expect it. that was not a funny thing to do posting that pic at