Friday, October 19, 2007

Things to do

I have listed out things that I really have look into and do:

1. Sleep more: One big reason is that I always dozed off at around 4:30 am and I couldn't help it. As a result, I have to drink lots of coffy to keep me awake..not the best thing in the world.

2. Eat healthy: Not that I eat lots of junks but really need to watch my diet

3. Pray more: I have to admit that I hardly spend time to pray..i'd pray silently while I am in my cab, when I need help but actually hardly give time for prayer only

4. Read Bible regularly: The other day, my site visitor submit a note from my
page and says - I can see that you read your Bible regularly..which put me to shame. So, I really need to watch myself.

5. Cut down on cigarettes: It used to be 3 cigarettes a day, which increased to 1 packet in two days, further increased to 2 packets in 3 days and now 1 packet in a day :(

6. Talk more: Yes, I need to talk more, especially in the office

7. Take walk regularly: Walk at least 30 mins a day, starting today. I have gained lots and lots of weight and I don't feel so great. My last year's pants that I hardly wear 'cos they were a bit too loose now become not just tight but a bit too tight. And my tops....very few that I can wear as I need to hide my bulging tummy, lol

8. Go out: Yes, I need to go oout more and catch up with my friends, or go for a movie. When was the last time I went for a movie?..ummm that would be to see Harry Potter, back in August.

9. Less beer: Tough decision but I must cut down on my beer intake. Makes me fat, put fats on the wrong places etc etc..

10. Spend less time on the internet: And be back to reality. My offs, my free time are now taken away by the internet. Sitting in front of computer, chatting away on the internet..and that is how I spend up my time. I have to take a break and meet up with friends.


illusionaire said...

11. Update your blog more :)

However, of course that would be contradictory to your point number 10.

I agree with the ciggie. I too am trying to cut down on my ciggie intake. Tough, since I have given up on everything else :(

Pray More. That's deep. Its amazing how prayers always make us feel soooo much better.

Sleeping more is something I never do. I have a habit of sleeping just 5-6 hours a day since time immemorial.

Jerusha said...

huis meizial zuk tlem, keipawh ngai bawn ltk ringawt! mut tam nen...

mnowluck said...

Permanent nightshift i nei a law???

Hreawm zia chu.. I wanna add something more..

Drink atleast 3-4 litres a day(night) prolly in ur case. WNS ka thawk lai phei chu ka cher nak a lai in ka cher tulhtulh mai.. lol... My bones are bulging!!!

and yeah.. Meizial zu tlem rawh...

DaGGyLo said...

One more thing: Dream of me every min.! :)

Jerusha said...


Almost Unreal said...

@illusionaire: yup, ciggie is bad...and a real waste of money..and thx

@jerusha...ka taksa hi nicotine in khkat in ka hria, lol

@mnowluck..hopefully, not a permanent night shift though this is the second mnth that we are in this shift :(

and drink what??? lol about every seconds :P

@jerusha..hahhaa..u got a cold?

Anonymous said...

E thianni chu kan va inbe kha toh ve... 10 khi ka lo tum ve mek a.. :-) chuvang lom ka vang raih... chuan meizial khi ka tih ve mek a nia.. chuan bible leh tawngtai khi chu ka tih dan i lak ka ti dawn a amawni le.. :-)NY a tha e.. ngaihawm khawp mai....

me_myself_n_I. here!!

sawmpuia said...

Things to do... va tha ve aw.. ti hi chuan nupui thatak i ni thei dawn e :-) Tlangval ho ka lo hrilh darh ang :-)

mnowluck said...

drink what>???? Not beer-:D

Almost Unreal said...


e nge a 10th na chu i lo tum ve rikngot a? lol...a tha, nang mah vang hian ka men phah nasa lutuk :P...i ngaihom khupsss mai

@sawmpui..mi hi zawrhna tur ringot ngaihtuah suh, lol...mi hriat i nei tlem ropui si

@mnowluck..ok ok..then is it wine/whisky, etc that u r suggesting? ..hahahaha

Awzzman said...

Sleep more?kei chu nikhatah darkar 10 vel ka mu thin.chutah mut ka la kham lo fo..:-) Beer in theuh2 chu Dul a kiar duh em mai..lolz.

maximus said...

oh.. as a first timer.
the spend less on the internet was a good point. but cant help, without it. even a single day without it seems like we are lost in an island.
Hard to implement.

Almost Unreal said...

@awzzman..chu mut tam hi i choh meuh na nge? lol..nia beer in tam chu dul kiar na..kiar vek th :(

@mazimus: thx for stopping by and hope to see u more often :)

istead of saying saying spending less time on the internet, i should've said chatting :P..cos you cant work without it