Friday, December 31, 2010

Yet another year over

How time flies. I find it hard that we are at the last day of 2010. Like we joked in the morning the year has ended before “we decide our new year resolution”.

The year 2010 is sure brings a mixed up emotion to my family. A new nephew of mine, the sweetest one anyone could ever ask for. He brings joy to the family. On the other side, my cousin sister and my aunt were diagnosed with cancer. Fortunately, the operations were successfully. At the end of the year, we are happy. Thank you, Lord.

Looking back at the year, I asked myself if I bring joy to anyone’s life. Did I achieve something great? I have no answer to these questions. What I do know is that I did hurt someone and I am sorry for that.

Being away from home for a long time now, it is sad to hear demise of our dear and close ones. A few days back, I was shocked with the news of the untimely death of LMSA ("Lalmalsawma" but that's how we called him) whom I've known for so long; we have been in the neighborhood for so long that I cannot even recall how I know him. All I can say is that he was one of the best person I know. Besides him, I have lost some close friends like Rocky, Lalrintluanga, Frederick (an old classmate) to name a few. It's hard to believe that I will never see them in this world again. I still think of them and still wonders. I could go on and on but enough of talking about dying here..heh!  

Looking at the brighter side, I am in good health; I have great friends, great family, good job and colleagues and oh, a roof over my head J. And a new found brother, family through LK..hehe. For all these, I thank the Lord up in heaven. If I am to repay for all these, it would take me forever to pay back.

I really wish I had spend my Christmas and New Year back home. I really had good time last year with my family. Anyway, hope we all will be well and spend the next and more Christmases and New Years with them.

To end this year, here's a small prayer:

Lord, thank you for your countless blessings. 

Thank you for wonderful families, best friends, job and a great team

Lord, do bless all my dear and loved ones with health, wealth and wisdom


Happy New Year :)


Anonymous said...

Tun kum chu kei pawh ka hmang chhinchiahtlak khawp mai, an sawi superstar-i, Delhi tlangah ka hmu a! :-)

Kumhlui thlah nuam tichungin KUM THAR Chibai le!

Dawldanga said...

chutia sawi takah chuan super-i hi ka hmuh chak ber zing ami a ni ve tlat mai ;)

Almost Unreal said... va han chimom dun tak

Anonymous said...

nice one sis :D c'mas wasnt da same without yu, missed yu alot. Counting da days wen yu'l be home for good...sando

Anonymous said...

Lalb, 'A new nephew of mine, the sweetest one anyone could ever ask for' tih lai tak khi ka ei khawp mai..he he

MRalte said...

I blog hi i va update lo em em... Update opposite downdate a ni e

Alejendro said...

Blog chu lo update ve ta nge gne maw... :-D